Ancestral Archive, Family Treasury & Healings for Ancestors

Ancestral Archive, Family Treasury & Healings for Ancestors

Ancestors reside within, both physically and subtly. Physically the DNA is the location where ancestral information can be accessed. We know that DNA has the self structuring capacity to replicate itself, repair itself, and transform itself. Therefore, the physical representation of the ancestors is ever changing and evolving.

Likewise, within the field of consciousness, the ancestors can be located as aspects of personality, tendencies, beliefs, feelings, and particularly internal wiring.

For those with refined perception, the ancestral archive can be “felt” and the consciousness of the ancestors can be accessed. The range of life spans from finer than the finest to denser than the densest. It is therefore possible for ancestors to be existing at any point in the continuum of existence. As they evolve, your DNA evolves.

Inherited illnesses or imbalances are healed through ancestral work. Even problems which are not obviously inherited can have a familial component. Good relations with family members is basic to the healing process, as well as all good in life.

Healing in the ancestral archive requires the willingness to enter with the intention of all good (highest good) for everyone. Activating support of the ancestors begins with an attitude of gratitude, homage, love, dignity. All of your ancestors have access to the ancestral archive as long as they are able to approach from this angle. Therefore, the more good your love can do in that place, the more awakening of all the ancestors will result. The more awakening that takes place in the archive, the more support you work will receive from the collective of your genealogical potential.

This page offers some basic healings for ancestors.