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The Role of Negativity and the Solution of Balance

It is the unseen enemy, the one that hides in the subtle realms of creation, which causes the most trouble. It is also this “enemy” which has tremendous potential to liberate life from suffering. Commonly hidden imbalances grow slowly into the subtle layers of self, such that they go unrecognized and can even feel familiar.

Because the whole universe is ever evolving, we can surmise that everything, including negativity, exists for the sake of evolution. Even when something breaks apart or is destroyed, inevitably, a new structure forms. The result is an evolved form which includes all that was good in the past nurtured by the creative innovations required to evolve through dynamic transformation. Negativity supports powerful growth by being that springboard upon which a new generation of innovation is founded.

Personal karma determines how and when negative experiences will manifest. It determines how prepared you will be when a challenging situation presents itself. Energy healing can greatly increase personal resources and preparedness for dealing with the effects of karma. This is accomplished by attending to the seeds of karma before they sprout. These seeds dissolve through the establishment of a personal position balance between negativity and positivity. The negativity is necessary, because it clearly defines the challenge. This clearly defined challenge draws the solution out of the field of Self. As humans our role is to self position at the point of balance between negativity and positivity. From this position, these two opposing energies interact with grace to bring forth the most evolutionary response to the challenging situation.

The seeds of karma and individual potential are both seated in the causal level of the body. Balance at the causal level of being is experienced as knowingness. Oneself is experience as pure, manifest knowingness. This experience is delightful, luscious and supportive of the most amazing outcomes from the most terrible situations.

Being in a state of balance or experiencing oneself as knowingness is understood as a condition from the level of awareness. However, it is understood as a frequency of consciousness, or light medicine from the perspective of the physical body. At the causal level of being accepts both perspectives as valid. The causal body manifests “light” medicines so that the physical body can refine itself to meet the evolutionary demands of consciousness. There is a continuous refinement of both the abstract and the concrete values of self which allows evolutionary transformation to take place with maximum grace and efficiency.

One of the best times to integrate light medicines is during sleep state. May the light of balance and knowingness wash over your being as you sleep, revitalizing and upgrading you from the inside out.

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