The Divine Dialogue as the Primordial Flow of Existence

The Divine Dialogue as the Primordial Flow of Existence

The source of all healing is located prior to creation. The origin of all things is the field of consciousness itself, Divine Being. Accessing Being is easy because it is everywhere. Being seems elusive due to the dominance of our phenomenal world over our senses of perception and thinking. However, the Source of Creation is seeking you as you are seeking It. In the end this the deepest and most intimate love story ever told. It is the Divine Dialogue.

This story is the reason we are here. Within and without the human experience there is an exchange of recognition of Self—Self-Awareness.

Imagine for a moment what it would feel like to be God. You know everything. You are everything. All that was and all that will be is within your grasp at all times. Nothing is outside your comprehension or grasp, except for one thing — The unknown, surprises, the experience of learning something new. In short the experience of expanding beyond yourself. How to resolve the desire to be and know everything, in the light of missing this essential component? Create yourself in a form which experiences time in a linear fashion, of course, a form which can’t see ahead and barely see behind. Experience your self from the perspective of humanity (and several other races whose nervous systems process time linearly).

From this construct we get two parts. One part is All That Is. The other part is the intelligence of the Creator collapsed into a specific point in space/time — individual human experience. It is amazing. Between the parts and the Whole, there is a continuous flow of consciousness in both directions simultaneously. Thanks to the human nervous system and senses of perception, our experience reflects specific points along the path of this flow. Divine Being creates the condition of experiencing one point at a time, then delights in this experience in order to know itself in exquisite detail. Through our experience Totality is satisfied in its own self knowledge.

So, from a human perspective there is a flow from Infinity to a point, and from a point to Infinity. We can think of it as Infinite Silence collapsing to infinite dynamism and infinite dynamism collapsing to a point of Infinite Silence. These are the two strokes of the Divine Dialogue. They swirl into each other like the Yin-Yang symbol. In fact, it is my belief that this is precisely what that symbol represents.

Thanks to eons of experience along this path, we are well familiar with every step of the process from home to home, from seed to seed, from the ocean to the wave and from the wave to the ocean. The story of this process has been told endless times in the Hero’s Journey. In every culture, in every epoch of time the story of the hero who leaves his home (order) and travels into the unknown (chaos), only to face his deepest fear (the dragon of chaos), and discover what he is really made of (his eternal nature), then to return home only to find that home is not what it was because he is reborn as a more perfect expression of Divinity. This is the Divine Dialogue.

Every challenge which we face, every illness, every blow to the dream of fulfillment follows this path in some way or another. The beauty and brilliance of this process is that each step of the journey is a step of evolution of Being. Over and over, we create ourselves in as close a perfect likeness to the Divine, only to break that creation down and recreate. Each time, each stroke of the dialogue, brings one closer to perfection. This process neither ends, nor does it loose fascination for us or the Creator.

In the context of energy healing the value of the Divine Dialogue is two-fold:

1. The inner and outer flow of Being supplies an energy source which fuels the manifested universe. This flow can be located at every point in creation, every node in the web of life, every cell, every organ of the body, etc. So, we can think of it as the force which is behind all manifestation.

2. Each point in the dialogue contains evolutionary potential. This means that regardless of where in the process you find yourself, there is evolutionary value in that experience. So, if you find yourself drowning in chaos, then you know that you have reached the point where the hero meets his greatest fear. Whatever of yourself survives this part of the experience is indeed a pure reflection of your Perfect Being. If you find yourself in the order and comfort of safety and home, then you know that a great adventure awaits and you will soon be travelling, yet again, into the unknown.

There are many exquisite details along the path of course, and each loop emphasizes different values necessary for complete embodiment of the Divine. Regardless of where you are or how you experience this process, know that it is this course of experience which is the foundation of evolution. Therefore embrace the process, allow yourself to leverage every detail of the experience for the full expression of your infinite potential as Totality contained within a point. Our joy is to own the whole experience at every point.

 Love and gratitude,