Dorothy Rowe Interviewed by Ashley Duke

My friend Ashley Duke, is hosting a FREE online Masterclass Series called Healing From Within: Reigniting Your Inner Power & Living a Natural Life.
This series is for anyone desiring to take their health and over-all well-being to the next level. It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Ashley.  I am one of 21 hand picking presenters interviewed for this life changing event. This online seminar will be an amazing opportunity to hear valuable personal experience, medical research, and practical tips & tools that will significantly optimize physical, mental and spiritual health. I invite you to join me and gain access to this exciting FREE Masterclass Series. Please click here to register.
This Masterclass Series is called Heal From Within: Reignite Your Inner Power & Live A Natural Life.
Attendance is online. So, you can watch from your home, office or even on the go.

This is a FREE online Mastery class that starts Tuesday, May 28th.

You can gain access to the interviews here. Please click here to register.

Reignite your inner power!
20+ speakers (including myself) will share medical research, practical tips & tools, insightful perspectives and daily protocols. You’ll hear true life experiences from inspirational motivators who are living proof of improved health and overall well-being.
These entertaining, concise and information-packed conversations will provide new insights on energy medicine, manifesting, raising consciousness, vaccines, whole food plant based life styles, empaths, ADHD, healing cancer naturally and SO much more (for FREE.) You won’t want to miss!
It is time to move past struggles and limiting beliefs, to reach peak performance in all areas of life. It is a joy to share this wonderful opportunity with you!
Sending many blessings, 

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