Who is Dorothy Rowe?

My Story

Dorothy Rowe
Dorothy Rowe presents an energy healing webinar

My name is Dorothy Rowe. This is my story. Like most children, I was clairvoyant and had refined perception. I knew intuitively that I would become a healer, someday. At that time, experiences were deep, but words were few.

Due to rebelliousness as a teenager, I temporarily lost connection with the finer realms of creation. In my mid teens, our family learned to meditate. Meditation practice and improved lifestyle choices purified the blockages which had temporarily blinded my inner vision.

Shortly out of high school, I relocated to Iowa. There I dedicated myself to meditation and devoted service to world peace. This was my path for three and a half decades. During these years, I had countless experiences of spontaneous healing for myself and others.

Dorothy’s Health Crisis

In 2007, my father died. My spiritual teacher died a few months later, and a big shift occurred. Years of overwork and crushing grief led to a health crisis. Before I could help others, I had to heal Dorothy Rowe. During the ‘taking care of me’ period, I had an experience which spurred a major internal shift.

One day I was walking through the mall with my family and feeling very delicate, vulnerable and physically uncomfortable as I had for some time. Within the space of about 5 seconds, several experiences unfolded sequentially. First a feeling of deep abiding peace came over me. This was the best I had felt for months, maybe years.

Details of Dorothy’s Experience in the Mall

  • First I noticed a sound superimposed over the sound of human voices. It sounded like whispering, but I quickly realized that it was the sound of the thoughts of those around me, and amazingly, I could tell which thought was coming from which person.
  • A deep abiding sense of peace and comfort came over me. This was the best I had felt in months, maybe years.
    The thoughts and more importantly, the feelings of everyone were clearly available in this new heightened state of awareness.
  • Multidimensional beams of light overlaid the field of life, like a grid or web. These filaments of light were related to the thoughts and feelings of the people, as well as other things.
    People’s bodies, illnesses, strengths, and other details became visible. I could see microscopically and cosmically at the same time.
  • Time took the form of an ever present ‘now’ revealing, ancestors, past lives and so forth.
    I saw many things for which I had no description.

Although this experience sounds complicated, it actually felt very, very simple. I turned to my husband and mentioned that the mall seemed utterly transformed and did he see it? He looked at me curiously and said the mall looked the same as always to him. My experience only lasted about 10 -15 minutes then gently faded away. The feeling of peace remained.

It came again a couple of months later, lasting longer….and continued to come on and off from that time forward. I kept this experience very quiet, for fear of ridicule or misunderstanding.

Path to Recovery

Meanwhile, I was still struggling with my health. However, at this point, one experience led to another, resulting in my complete healing. I owe much to a dear old friend who knew much about energy healing, and spent countless hours with me. He taught me how to use my hands to heal, gave me points of reference, and terms to make sense of my experience.

My health really improved after that. I stopped having to go to daily doctor appointments. The actual healing was a gradual but consistent process. As I healed, my ability to help others evolved too. I was able to see into any body, so helping others was as easy as helping myself.

Dorothy as a Full-Time Energy Healer

For about 4 years, we quietly kept this secret within the family. One day the secret slipped. Soon many people were coming to receive support for their concerns. All kinds of beings came for healing—animals, angels and many others. Such beautiful results came from this work, which didn’t even feel like work. It just was an endless act of surrender to God, who acts within each person to affect the precise change that they need to feel whole again.

There seems to be no end to the growth of this healing modality. It is constantly evolving. Every week now, new and wonderful enhancements come. More knowledge floods in all the time. The more I serve, the more profound the process becomes. In 2015, I was interviewed by Rick Archer for A Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview and started a Dorothy Rowe YouTube Channel the same year. In addition to personal consultations, I now offer remote healing sessions and energy healing webinars, as well as several other specialized healing services.

I owe all the credit for this to God and to the eternal tradition of knowledge which bridges the gap between the Source of creation, and all that exists at the surface of life. There is nothing else that exists but That.

Love and gratitude,

Dorothy Rowe