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Astral Body: explanation, videos and healing

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

The Astral Body—The Front Line of Energetic Protection

The Astral Body is one of the subtle expressions of self. (Just deeper than the astral body is the causal body. Deeper than the causal body is the field of unmanifest, qualitiless Being.) The astral body is subtle enough that it is not bound by either space or time. Due to its abstract nature, the astral body is experienced as one of the collective levels of self. That means it includes all the ancestors, past lives, as well as the reality of your microbiome, and much of your personal environment.

Consciousness appears as threads at this level of self. The threads within the astral body interface with the threads of the web of life. These threads or channels of the astral body allow a person to energetically connect with the rest of this Universe.

The picture at the head of this page is drawn by my friend Harri Aalto. It shows (among other things) the relationship between the astral body and the web of life. Another name for the web of life is ‘the astral field.’

At first glance, the astral body appears to be a turning torus. It has the capability to expand and contract with some practice. (See video below)

The Inner Core:

The sacred cord forms the inner core of the astral body. It is essentially a loop of consciousness, ever folding into its own nature. This cord anchors the body to the Earth and the Heaven and is the vehicle through which cosmic wisdom is received. Everyone’s cord looks a little different, like faces or fingerprints. It can contract or expand. And it turns in its own right. The sacred cord is the channel through which energetic imbalances are released from the body’s energy fields.

The Middle Field:

Comprised of innumerable cords, this is the larger channel through which the cord of light runs. This mid section is a filter of sorts. It bends and stretches like fabric. It ripples. When it arches toward the relative field, life force moves through its gradient toward Being. When it arches toward Being, life force expands toward the material field.

In energy healing one activates any part of the body or healing potential by bringing attention to that area. It is possible to bring attention to specific sets of threads in the astral field in order to enliven their collective effect. For example: You may need protection. There are many threads in the astral body associated with protecting you. These work together to form a matrix within the astral body in order to bring the value of protection to the surface of your reality. The causal body also plays a part in this type of activation.

The Outer Layer:

Finally, there is an outer layer which is highly sensitive to the environment. The outer layer interfaces with the web of life. It is the first filtration of universal information as well as your connection to the energetic field of life. This layer has a texture which is a bit like the texture of a cell wall. There are places where energy enters and exits.

The surface of the astral body can carry markers from structures in the field. For instance, an exploitative form (abuser, virus, parasite, etc.) can flag the surface of the astral body to let others know that you are an easy target. Likewise, with energy healing, you can restructure the surface of your astral body to repel destructive or exploitative forms. Due to this ability, you can imagine that the astral body and the immune system share an intimate connection. Therefore, when the immune system is not feeling well, it is good to look to the astral body for protective action. See also my article about the Electronic Belt, which is associated with the astral level of the physiology. Also, here is an article about removing infections that may have penetrated the astral body.

Videos and Healing

Free Energy Healing: The Astral Body and the Web of Life

(Estimated viewing time: 13:37 minutes)

Upgrade for Your Astral Body and Immune System

(Estimated viewing time: 8:45 minutes)

Description of our Astral Body

(Estimated viewing time: 14:22 minutes)

Astral Body and Self Protection

(Estimated viewing time: 6:36 minutes)

Enjoyed these videos? Check out Dorothy’s YouTube Channel.

And click on this link to view DEW’s Energy Healing services.

Healing for the Astral Body

Clearing Habits of Unhealthy Self-communication and a Pattern of Self-abuse

  • This healing is activated as you read it because energy healing takes place outside the constraints of space and time.
  • Even though Dorothy performs the healing at one time, anyone from that time forward can benefit from that healing.
  • Additionally, the healings become more powerful over time as more and more people participate.
  • Also, the same person, returning more than once to the same healing, will receive ever deepening layers of benefit from the healings.

Healing Overview

  • Clearing habits of unhealthy self-communication and a pattern of self-abuse through many past incarnations
  • Looking at a causal/astral body organ which is responsible for the regrowing of healthy tissue
  • This organ is so rife with pure wisdom that it burns through all misconceptions, misunderstandings and confusion
  • This causal/astral disc of light speaks the truth of the body to itself. The tissues are whispering the truth to themselves
  • The ability to manifest internal fullness does not require resources from outside; all the resources are accessible through the connection to Infinity present in the upper body


Clearing habits

Clearing habits of unhealthy self-communication seated at the throat chakra. Under that, in the same area, clearing pain bodies. With the pain bodies, also clearing memory patterns of self-abuse. There are distant past memories also connected with all of this. Clearing the astral through physical bodies of many past incarnations connected to this pattern of self-abuse, which has involved substance use, mortification, self-sacrifice, martyrdom and more. The seed of all of these habits of self-abuse is a belief in directing negativity toward the self as a means of escape from taking full responsibility for life lessons which are naturally arising. LOL, You can run, but you cannot hide!

Addressing weaknesses

Addressing what appears to be a weakness in all of the tissues and structures between the thymus area and head. Seeing an energy structure in the shape of a radiant, sun-like disc. It is as broad as the shoulders and sitting just at the shoulders where they connect to the neck. It is a mantle of grace. We are looking at a causal/astral body organ which is responsible, among other things, for the regrowing of healthy tissue. Tonsils anyone?

There is a quality in this organ of being so rife with pure wisdom, pure truth, that it burns through all types of misconceptions, misunderstandings, confusion, even hypnotic states, delusion, etc. It sits in a state of fine balance, spinning, knowing. It is totally outside space and time and is of cosmic origin. There are definitely points of light radiating from the fine edge which become so fine as to touch the unmanifest Source of creation. The very center of the disc is emanating from Source as well. So from its center to its outer edges, this form is anchored to Infinity. It is staying and stabilizing in the throat area. No imbalance can reside in this space as long as this form is present. However, the tissues need to be recalibrated and need to remember the original condition which perfectly expresses the intention of the Creator for this area.

Clearing fear

Clearing fear from the mental and (for some people) emotional bodies. This fear is born of the concept of taking full responsibility for all that is good and all that is not good. The technique for successfully taking this responsibility is to unite with Divine Self. Then the responsibility doesn’t rest solely on the small, individual self. It rests in the lap of the Whole Self, the Unity of everything. The individual self is the instrument for carrying out action, for bringing Divine expression into this relative world.

There is incredible lightness, power, and wisdom in this disc of light. It speaks the truth of the body to itself. The tissues are whispering the truth to themselves. The truth is the blueprint of this part of the body as it is meant to be, as it is when it functions optimally. Muscles, bones and fascia are also being affected by this restructuring.

Clearing discord

Clearing a host of discord from the distant past associated with death or damage at the neck. This clearing seems to be happening for everyone in this healing session as well nearly 30,000 others. There is an overseeing intelligence for the 5th chakra, the throat chakra. This universal deva is also receiving a huge blessing from our healing session. She (Vach) is sitting in the center of this disc, clothed in the disc of light, She is receiving many levels of wisdom downloads, evolving and awakening to a new level of capability and thus a new level of responsibility. There is a big “letting go” which allows the Whole Self to function through individuality. Separation is dissolving.

Because of this organ’s causal/astral origin, it is knitting the threads of the astral field into a very stable, dense form. Due to the stability integrating in the shoulders and neck, a feeling of satiation is also rising through the field of consciousness to the physical tissues. This light connects to a light in the 9th chakra which associates with Divine Self.

Increasing trust 

Satisfaction is an internal state, not created by situations and circumstances from the environment. Satisfaction is an energy signature which is integrating and stabilizing in the throat area.

Stabilized satisfaction supports the ability to use speech to create resolution and completion. This speech is also now redirected to create very complete forms, forms which bind infinity. Power is in your speech, now more than before. Also the ability to manifest internal fullness does not require resources from outside. All the resources are accessible through the connection to Infinity present in the upper body.

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