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Brahman: Energy Responsible for Creating the Universe

Brahman: Totality, Wholeness

Vedic literature describes Brahman as the energy which is responsible for creating the manifest Universe. Furthermore, is referred to as the transcendental ultimate reality – the supreme cosmic spirit. Thus Brahman is Totality, Wholeness, the energy which moves from Unmanifest to Manifest.

So the first principle is that there is only one. There’s only Brahman. Sometimes, however, there’s reference to the bliss of Brahman. This refers to the initial impulse behind everything that manifests. Further, this initial impulse behind the manifestation of every human life – and everything else in the Universe – is a very innocent, very sweet and blissful impulse of cosmic intelligence. (So even when awful things that happen, there’s something behind it that’s trying to get to love somehow!)

That initial impulse of creation is one of the most important fundamental resonances that activates in the Causal field – the first manifestation out of unmanifest being. Thus it has within it the intention to rise up and become physical manifest reality. Furthermore, this first impulse of manifestation contains within it a very concentrated quality of bliss.


The Bliss of Brahman

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