Celestial Body: First Manifestation of Being in the Creation

The Celestial Body, or the celestial level of the body, is the first manifestation of Being in the relative sphere of creation. Its nature is infinite.

At this level, the celestial body looks very much like the unbounded ocean of consciousness from where it comes. Its nature resembles a silent ocean which ranges from the beginning of creation to its final collapse. This celestial level spans the entire range of the multiverse.

This level of self is perceptible by virtue of a most delicate hum of the three in one structure of creation—knowingness knowing itself as knowingness.

As awareness activates the celestial level of the body, it creates fundamental resonations of consciousness. These vibrations support specific manifestations at denser levels of creation. The resonations of the celestial body include pure truth, pure compassion, pure balance and many others.

It is also possible for the celestial body to arise in a symphony of resonations. In essence, these vibrations work synergistically to create powerful foundations for advanced manifestation technologies and deepest healing.


The Celestial and Casual Levels of the Physiology:

Description of the Celestial and Casual levels of the Physiology


Simple Truth – Hum of the Celestial Body


The Hum of the Celestial Level—Foundation for Manifestation

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