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Chakras: Energy Organs or Energy Centers in the Body


Chakras are energy organs or energy centers located in the body. They are subtle and dense energies swirling together. Sub chakras also exist. They reside between the seven main body chakras.

Some energy healers identify hundreds of chakras. For my work, I identify six earth chakras, seven body chakras and five heaven chakras. The seven body chakras are most important for energy healing work. (See their separate listings in the Knowledge Base.)


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Healing to Balance Crown and Root Chakras

Crown and Root Chakras Healing Overview:

  • Balancing and healing for the crown and root chakras
  • Kundalini and grace
  • Increased discernment 
  • Body devas going back to their roots


Looking carefully at the crown chakra/root chakra axis. There is an energy form like a vortex, circling above the head as well as below the pelvis. This swirling energy is a gentle massage which is both recognizing and enhancing the balance in these locations.

The crown and root chakras are coordinating with each other. The relationship between them is key to clearly appreciating the full evolutionary value of each stroke of human experience. Furthermore, Divine Dialogue is the mechanic from where this reality emerges. It is represented by two distinct flows of energy moving through the body, up and down.

Kundalini and Grace

Kundalini goes up (root to crown) and Grace flows down (crown to root).

Grace is present at every point of the creative process, and in every particle of creation. It brings the infinite potential of the subtle mechanics of manifestation to the body/mind system to the relative field of expression. 

Kundalini moves earthy/earthly energy toward heaven. So it represents the refinement and deconstruction of the relative as it moves toward the qualitiless field of non manifest Source. 

At the crown and root chakras, these two energies are balanced. This is because they are points of transition. One turns to become the other -hence, the swirling. This whirlpool energy also naturally maintains an openness where they are located. It also helps maintain suppleness, flexibility and connection to the whole range of life – from the unmanifest to the manifest. 

Energetically, there is a point around the body where individuality ends and universality begins. To clarify, it is a point of reference where one is in transition between being isolated in space-time and being omnipresent. We could say that there is a gap at this precise spot. However, it is not a really a gap or spot at all. Instead, it is a feature of the field. It is actually a region within the range from dense to subtle of the field. This region is experiencing being energetically activated (more like massaged) by Being. There is also a gentle rocking motion as the whirlpool energy swirls around each node in the web of life. This is a very, very gentle process and it is carefully, lovingly exercised. 

Increasing discernment

The light of pure perception is emerging from the gap. It is radiating into the area of self which we deem personal – your personal space. With the light comes improved personal perception. At the same time, there is clear intention behind this radiance. It is aimed at providing the resources for intelligently affecting healthy growth. And also increased energy, discernment. As the light continues to penetrate the manifest levels of self, it brings silence. The silence in its full value seems to be preceding something.

Waiting… (rocking feeling still present)

Devic intelligence* are receiving what looks like a boon of some sort. Going in for a finer look. They are receiving countless blessings from the region of the causal body responsible for wisdom archives. An ongoing relationship is establishing between the body’s devic intelligence and the source of all body wisdom. Now, something very interesting is happening. The devic intelligence is receiving a formula for improved functioning. Furthermore, there is a family healing taking place in the field of devic intelligence. It turns out that the wisdom archives are actually the origin of the body’s devic intelligence. There was, for a long time, some separation between individual body wisdom and cosmic body wisdom. However, the body wisdom is now clearly understanding the precise mode of functioning required to maintain ideal relations with its origin. 

*In this healing, I am referring to very, very small packages of intelligence in the body. Ones that are responsible for maintenance and support of the physical.

Higher state of functioning

It feels like a holy family reunion. To clarify, it starts of course with reverence, but becoming much more than just recognition and acceptance. Something that looks like an initiation is taking place. And the acceptance is more of an inculcation into an order of greatness. This order of greatness (Eternal Order of Wisdom) has always existed. It has always been the origins of body wisdom. However, this degree of recognition has not been previously recognized. 

I honestly feel it’s the increased intelligence and discernment which made the body wisdom worthy of this higher state of functioning. From a practical level, this includes healing rites. The body intelligence will purify the body according to cosmic cycles of daily, (approximately) bi-monthly, annually and larger cycles. Furthermore, there will be times of deep silence where the light of pure perception will continue to expand its presence. It will promote targeted upgrades in the areas of the body most in need. The relationship between body wisdom and cosmic wisdom will reveal itself through synchronicities. This will lead to greater success in action, faster fulfillment of intentions, and improvement in relationship with oneself. 

Thank you for participating in this Crown Chakra Healing and Root Chakra Healing.

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