Collective Body: Subtle Level of Manifest Self, Infinite In Nature

The Collective Body is a subtle level of the manifested self

The collective body is located between the celestial and causal levels of manifestation. It is infinite in nature and appears as a fabric or web of threads of light. From another angle, it looks like a multidimensional snowflake with infinite spines.

Consciousness and feeling are vastly profound and sophisticated at this level of the body, while the form itself is quite simple. At this level of self, we are the laws of Nature responsible for the manifestation of creation.

The body is “collective” because it contains all subtle beings known in creation, such as angels, ascended masters, devas, etc.

We hold both the collective and celestial bodies in common with all beings, dense and subtle. Therefore, from this level of self, we exist in union with all other life forms. From the perspective of the collective body, we have access to all wisdom, resources and capabilities.

Fortunately, we experience life from the collective level independent of much of the discord which we may face in day to day life.


Realm of the Most Innocent Sweetness of Being

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