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Cord of Light: Subtle Structure In The Mind-Body System

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The Cord of Light is one of the body’s many energetic structures. This great meridian manifests at the astral level of the body, and yet it influences the whole structure – from causal to physical. All manifest structures in creation, from the very smallest to the very largest, have cords of light running through them. From a collective perspective, these cords comprise the web of life (space) and the Akashic Record (time.)

The Cord of Light is also called the crystal cord, silver cord or hora line. These names are all given to the largest energy meridian that runs through the body. Through it, pure consciousness flows into and out of the body.

It is a naga, which extends from infinity to infinity. This means that one end is anchored in the silent Source of Creation, while the other end – like a river running to the ocean – is anchored in the Center Sun (the heart of our Universe.)

Functions of the Cord of Light

Anchor of Life

The Cord of Light running through your body is vastly older than the physical body in its present form. It originates in the silent Source of Creation. It enters the body through the crown chakra. When it reaches the Hridaya Mahamarma (center of the chest) it spins into a self referral loop which then forms the energy field of the body.

From there it spins into even denser loops to form the emotional, mental, etheric and physical structures of the body. Once this spinning has completed the task of material creation, the cord then exits the body through the first chakra (and the six Earth Chakras). And It connects the individual to the Earth plane by anchoring into the center of the Earth.

As our anchor to Earth, the Cord of Light keeps our bodies informed about our connection to the Earth plane. As vessels of pure life force, the cord feeds the body with the energy of life.

Eliminative Organ

The Cord of Light is also an eliminative organ. When subtle imbalances such as discordant feelings, confusion, false beliefs or thought forms, etc. are released from the system they move into the cord and swirl down through the body, where they release into the Earth.

Mother Earth is a great composter, and can easily recycle any energy received from the body regardless of how low the energy frequencies may be.


Although the Cord of Light is a simple structure, it is also extremely ancient and wise. When it curls in on itself to form the body, it fractures to create many smaller cords.

There are specific cords for each body system, such as digestive, circulatory, immune, lymphatic, etc. The cords which oversee the various body systems have the resources and ability to maintain health of the systems, organs, tissues, cells, and so forth. Each cell in the body has its own tiny cord of light anchoring it to Divine bliss.

People rarely recognize the precious, symbiotic relationship between the body and the life force which keeps it alive. It is natural to take this relationship for granted.

However, knowing that this relationship exists provides an opportunity to cherish this sacred relationship, nurture it, and cultivate ever richer values of reverence and love between the living body and the essence of life itself. I encourage everyone to spend a moment focusing attention on this vital organ. Get to know how it feels and responds in various situations. As you do so, vital information about your energetic nature will be spontaneously revealed.


When an area of the body falls ill, it is possible to put attention on the Cord of Light which runs through that particular system or organ. Attention alone will spontaneously connect the resource of life force to the affected area.

Additionally, the cord for that part of the body is filled with wisdom. It can communicate to the conscious mind, details regarding the source of the illness and solutions for healing transformation. This information is a vital resource for structuring further steps in the healing process.

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The Cord of Light Connects Us to the Core of the Earth

How to use your Cord of Light

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