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Creating Wealth Exercise

Here is a simple and effective daily exercise for creating wealth.

Using a blank check register. 

Select a day to begin. 

Deposit $1,000 (or more, you can select an amount that feels appropriate. No less than $1,000) on the first day. 

On the second day, deposit $2,000

On the third day, deposit an additional $3,000. Now you should have a total of $6,000 in the account. 

Continue every day for a full year. With increments of $1,000, you will be depositing $365,000 on the last day of the exercise. 

Also, spend the money. Do you have dreams and desires that can only be fulfilled with capital? When there is enough in the account, take some out for things that you want. 

It is an interesting exercise because you will find that you soon have a problem of having too much money, and not knowing what to spend it on. After donating large sums to the movement, etc. then what? 

It creates the precise feeling or causal resonance of vast wealth. By doing the exercise every day, you experience it around the full cycle of the sun. The feeling builds up in your body, nervous system, and being so that you are changed. You become a wealth magnet! 

May you have as much success (or more!) with this as I and so many of my clients have had.