Death: A Process of Adjustment

Death is a process of adjustment, both for the departing soul and for loved ones left behind.

Since you have lived with your loved one’s physical form vibration in this world all your life, your challenge will be to adjust, to rebuild yourself from the subtlest levels to the physical level. And you make this adjustment with the knowledge that their form is no longer vibrating here. It is still vibrating, but at such a high frequency that none of the physical can remain as it was when they were here.

The process of death really takes some time, maybe a year or so. The departed are also going through a lot of adjustment, and it takes time for them to come into their subtlest form.

Ayurveda says that the first phase where the soul completely vacates the body takes 72 hours. Best not to move the body much during this time. Also, the smell of flowers is comforting to the process.

Three very important things come from this experience:

The first is seeing the whole life in a glance, from beginning to completion. This is a pure expression of Divinity and an amazing thing to comprehend.

A second is seeing clearly how thin the veil is between this world and the spirit world. It is at times of birth and death that one can move across that barrier and appreciate its nature.

Also during this year, you will continue to experience some sharing across the veil between you and and your loved one. This is a time when every little thing that you experience can be seen from both your perspective and theirs. This experience is extremely expanding and puts many aspects of the life into perspective. The transition is actually so very gradual.


When A Person Dies, the Relationship Is Not Over