Devas: the Structuring Intelligence of Nature

Devas—Structuring Intelligence of Nature

Devas are sparks of intelligence in Nature. As such, they maintain the health and structure of all forms of life on the planet.

All beings of creation originate from the silent field of Pure Being. In their various and diverse forms, some beings, such as humans, animals, plants, etc., manifest to the physical level of density. Other beings manifest only to the etheric level or the causal level. Some stay right next to the field of Pure Being. It is a big universe with many variations on the theme of Divinity expressing itself as form. 

Devas stay in the levels of manifestation which are infinity in nature. They are therefore not bound by space or time. As such, they can work at any dimension of the world from sub atomic to inter galactic. Their work can take place in a variety of locations and times at the same time.

Devas and Energy Healing

One of the purposes of a locational healing is to re establish the connection between a man made structure and the devas which reside inside and outside that structure. In the context of energy healing, the human body is constructed by these devic intelligences while in utero. They remain in the body throughout the course of a lifetime to support health in many ways.

Every cell has a deva, every organ and every organ system has a deva. When a particular area of the body suffers illness, it is possible to make an appeal to the overseeing intelligence of that area. It can happen that a deva requires an upgrade or healing of some kind. Often this can be the event that restores health to the suffering area. 

Humans and Devas “Share” the Earth

Humans live primarily on the surface of the Earth. Therefore, this realm is our sphere of responsibility. However, the devas live primarily in Earth’s crust and are responsible for much of the activity surrounding the growth of plants, movement of tectonic plates, water cycle and more. 

There have been times in history when the devas and the humans were in better coordination and communication. Even today, there are places where the people and the local devas are better coordinated. However, there are also places where they don’t even acknowledge each other.


Healing at Niagara Falls: The Deva (Divine Being) of the Falls