Discriminating Choices: Decisions With an Unclear Path

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How to Make Decisions When The Path Is Unclear

We all want to be good at making wise discriminating choices and making good decisions. Have you ever asked yourself the question: “How do I know what to do when my path is unclear? How can I make the right decision?”

It’s a good question, and one that a lot of people ask. Let’s take a look at it and see if we can bolster our decision-making confidence.

As a desire manifests, it must maintain a balance of positive and negative forces as it moves from its origination until it’s fully realized. The energy which promotes any manifestation must be balanced in order to churn the field of life, the field of consciousness, in a robust manner as the intention grows from a faint idea to a full-bodied experience.

Let’s look at two practical methods for making good, discriminating choices when presented with conflicting options.

The first method is:
  • Take a small step in the direction of your desire.
  • Pay close attention to see if you get environmental support for this first step. Environmental support means that you are being encouraged to take another step in the same direction. It can manifest as internal validation for your action in subtle ways like:
    • a feeling of lightness
    • the notion that, “Ah, this feels right,”
    • having thoughts that bring wisdom,
    • noticing the beauty around you, increasing ease or increasing physical comfort.

If, on the other hand, you experience opposite reactions, internally or externally, try a different direction.

The second method is:

  • So then, what if nothing happens? What if you take a step and don’t notice either a clear positive or negative indication from within or without? In this case, take a little larger step in the same direction then watch for a bigger response from the environment.
  • Listen with more delicacy. Often the answer comes in a form to which you may not be accustomed. For instance, the answer may come back through any sensory channel–as a smell, sound or other sensation.
  • Sometimes the relationship between the response and the initial action may seem unrelated. In this case some interpretation may be required. If the response doesn’t make sense, then watch for additional information. It can happen that the answer is only half downloaded when you are is jumping on it to make some sense.
  • No rush when it comes to big decisions. Take your time. If more information is needed, then take another little step and see what more comes to fill in the gaps. When you are making discriminating choices, you are dealing with your Self, so there really are no mistakes.
Sometimes circumstances do not allow you to experiment with choices. An example could be when your choice has a big commitment from the start, such as becoming a parent or going for a job interview.

In such cases you can use the second formula:

  • Run the experience virtually. We all run potential events in dream state, whether we remember them or not. However, if you do this with your imagination in the daytime it is much easier to monitor outcomes and effects.
  • Go through the process mentally and emotionally as if you are really doing and experiencing it.
  • Pay careful attention to your feelings during the process. If you have a light, buoyant feeling and the outcome is pleasing, then most likely you will have good success.
  • If the feelings are dark or you encounter problems in the imagined process, then most likely your imagined choice is not a good direction to take.

An important point to note: Usually, when an idea is proposed to the Divine, one’s Higher Self, the answer is returned almost instantly. If, later in the day, there is some other sort of experience coming up, it is unlikely to be connected to the question from hours earlier. In other words, keep the information fresh, and take care not to over think the experience.

These two approaches to decision-making have proven themselves very useful to many people. The beauty of both is that they cultivate increased speed and delicacy in thinking, as well as intuition and refined perception.

Use Your Time Wisely

Life’s fulfillment doesn’t end with the human experiencer. It continues to evolve through us to the larger field of creation as a whole, filling the spaces of the universe with our bliss.

This is why it is so important when we need to make good discriminating choices that we use our time efficiently and perform actions which will continue to provide value as they continue to expand. On this note, real value can mean providing rest, beauty and joy, as much as providing the traditional measurable values of the relative field, such as wealth, relationships and time.

May your every action bring great blessings and fulfillment to your life and all life on our precious planet.

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