Process of Energy Healing: Attention for Balance and Optimal Health

The process of energy healing is a process of using consciousness to heal the body. We know the body is essentially made of consciousness even though it seems physical. So what we’re doing in energy healing is intelligently directing attention—which is consciousness—to a particular location in the body for the sake of promoting balance and optimal health.

The nature of attention is that it is a part of Divine Intelligence that can be directed with our intention and conscious mind. Thus, attention has a quality of completeness, wholeness, and fullness. And consequently, wherever the attention falls, it enlivens that. “What we put our attention on, grows.”

So the process of energy healing, through a natural process of directing consciousness or attention, enlivens greater balance and optimal health in our physiologies. In order to fully grasp this, what we’re doing in the live webinars each month, is going into the fine mechanics of how we actually do this. We discuss how we can harness the infinite potential of our consciousness in order to remove blocks and promote greater health…and basically anything we want to manifest. And there’s a whole art to that.


Free Energy Healing to Awaken Universality

(Estimated viewing time: 9:43 minutes)

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