Energy Work: Evolutionary Transformational Healing

Energy Work—A Form of Transformational Healing

Energy Work is a form of transformational healing. Energy work, or energy healing, is based upon the principle of intelligently directing attention to the origins of illness or concern with the intention to promote healing.

We then allow naturally occurring evolutionary principles in the body to transform the seed of discomfort, and the source of the suffering dissolves or is released from the system. The area in which the discomfort occupied then naturally takes on the form of the original intention of health.

The noninvasive process of energy work is easy to learn and practice and includes many side benefits.

Energy Work is Based on 2 Main Principles

  • The presence of God is with everyone. Everyone has every resource necessary to affect any healing whatsoever. If you don’t believe in God, that is OK. The belief or disbelief does not stop the healing. Think of the organizing intelligence of the whole creation as present in everyone and everything.
  • What we think of as “our body” is a continuum of intelligence. This intelligence ranges from the Quantum level of creation, the non-manifest level, to the densest level of creation, the physical level.

Presence of God/Divine Intelligence

The universe is constructed in layers. Although there is a level of God which is beyond all that is, non-changing and eternal, there is also a level of God which resides within each of us and changes as we change. It evolves as we evolve.

There is a web of life, a matrix of filaments, that connects all parts of creation to each other. This web spans through all dimensions of space and time. It is the communication network through which energy healing occurs. The existence of this structure collapses the past and future into the eternally present moment.

The Continuum of the Body

The range of the expression of intelligence is a smooth continuum from the finest abstract level to the concrete physical level. In energy work, we classify these layers in order to better our attention and healing energies.

The range of the body’s continuum is from unmanifest to manifest. Naturally, different laws of Nature dominate at different levels of density and size in the body. Therefore, it is possible to identify natural divisions during the practice of energy work.

The Four Denser Bodies

The four denser bodies are usually associated with the present life.

  • The physical body, we are all familiar with. It is comprised of organs and organ systems. Sometimes imbalances are sitting at very fine levels (atomic, subatomic, etc.) of this layer. In order to eliminate them, the energy work seeing must go, like a microscope, to the deep levels in order to move the challenge out.
  • The etheric body is an energetic map of the physical form. It looks like the physical body, but it is not as dense. Often the experience of physical pain is held in this body. For this reason, it is possible to feel pain in a limb or organ that is physically missing.
  • The mental body is comprised of conscious mind, subconscious mind, the unconscious mind and the avenue of awareness. Certain Role Playing Games are designed to be played from this level of being.
  • The emotional body is the body of desire. This is the body of feelings. Our “gut feelings” originate from here. Intuition arises as an integration between the mental and emotional bodies.

The Four Subtle Bodies

These four subtle bodies, or layers, are generally associated with the permanent self and are all multidimensional. Therefore, they exist at various levels of creation simultaneously.

  • The astral body is the most dense level of the subtler bodies. It acts as a shield for the body. When healthy, it should have a smooth appearance, like fine filaments of light aligned together. It has a somewhat resilient texture that disallows the invasion of other energy forms, such as viruses, intentions, thought forms, etc.
  • The spirit body oversees and administers the experience through time. It can unfurl, similar to the way that the DNA molecule unfurls when preparing for Mitosis or self-repair.
  • The causal body is comprised of 7 rays or layers and contains mechanisms, or energy organs, that direct Divine energy or intelligence into specific channels to give rise to the more manifested levels of the creation.
  • The celestial body is like a skin, right next to Unmanifest Being. It appears sparkly because of it’s nature of being the first breaking of the symmetry of the Quantum or unmanifest level of creation.

The three values at this level act synergistically to produce the tremendous energy necessary to bring unmanifest intelligence to manifest as the universe. Think of it as an engine. Also, the packages of intelligence responsible for healing and maintenance of the body reside at this level.

Here is a deeper understanding of what happens during Distance Energy Work.

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