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Falling: an energy healing perspective

At its deepest level, falling represents losing your anchor to the Source of creation, aka “Falling from Grace.” It happens when the dynamics of separation shroud the anchor to your true Self. The dynamics of separation, however, are not actually an enemy. If there is an enemy, it is when the experience of separation clouds the reality of your connection to Being. The anchor to your True Self must be so integrated that it cannot be shrouded even in the most distracting or difficult circumstances.

This is why falling commonly happens when someone feels overwhelmed, or feels that areas of life are out of control. Falling, especially if you get hurt, gives you the freedom to step back from your responsibilities and rest. If you are not taking the rest that you need, then accidents will happen to force the needed rest. Accidents and injuries justify rest. Rest allows awareness a chance to look at life circumstances from a slightly removed position. This perspective helps broaden your outlook, thusly supporting inclusion of the larger reasons for why life flows the way it does.

The larger reasons life flows the way it does? Because the One, eternal, unbounded, infinite Source appears as the diverse universe then integrates with the universe, so we can realize there is really only the One. Individual life stories are just small chapters in this one big story. So falling creates a situation where one is forced to step back and reflect. Stepping back from responsibilities and duties encourages a person to reset their personal life back in conjunction with the One Big story. This resetting actually fulfills many needs, great and small at the same time.

A little healing for falling:

Awareness is focusing on the anchor. It resides within the Cord of Light and the upper chakras 6-12. (Chakras 8-12 are above the head.) The Causal Body is folding an integrative light medicine into the upper chakras and the cord of light. Divine Being responds with bliss. Lots of energy is activating in the area just above the head and the crown. This blissful light is completely luscious. Offering this light back to Divine Being again and again. Offering means: awareness settling into the Source of creation and connecting this experience with Totality


Healing for Balance and the Musculoskeletal System

(Estimated viewing time: 11:19 minutes)

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