Healing Space – How to Create for Ourselves

What is a Healing Space and how do we create one?

The healing space is a resonation which upholds the fastest and the most complete healing. The causal level of the body resonates and hums with a wide variety of energy frequencies, which we experience as feelings or flavors of consciousness.

Because this space is very close to Source, it affects all denser levels of the body.

The healing space is constantly self-cleansing, washing in liquid white light, soothing, stabilizing and integrating.

The most important feature of this personal space for healing is the ability to connect a symptom or imbalance with the cosmic reason for that imbalance. Because there is always an underlying intention to embody Divinity completely, unrealized Divine embodiment causes the body to respond with illness.

Recognition of this process is more important for the healing than any other single piece of information.

Our personal space for healing, this restorative space, can bring that recognition, because that space exists within a universal healing reality. This universal form of this restorative space is home for the wisdom of Divine Self. Divine Self is the fountain head of all healing. 

Why create a Healing Space for ourselves?

Creating our personal space for healing clears our inner landscape of distractions, hindrances and non-essentials for successful healing. The ideal space for self-healing allows us to be vulnerable and, at the same time, completely safe, completely secure. This is possible because this personal space for healing is something which we create for ourselves.

And, of course, the nature of the healing space varies from person to person, according to our fundamental needs. 

What is the Body Elemental and what is its role in creating a Space for Healing?

The Body Elemental is the collective of all body intelligence responsible for physical maintenance and upkeep. It acts as a liaison between Divine Being and our physical body. A primary function of the Body Elemental is to connect cosmic healing potential with physical healing functions.

The energy signature, the energy structure of the healing space, is assumed by the body elemental. In other words, the body elemental shapes itself into that healing space. Doing so, causes the body elemental to become wiser, stronger and more evolved. 

Therefore, we establish a clear connection with the body elemental to create an inner condition for optimal healing. This is very much like creating any healthy relationship—the fundamentals of honesty, appreciation, respect, reverence, etc. form the basis for long term harmony. 

Here are the 5 steps in creating a Healing Space within ourselves:

  1. Quietly feel into the body. Notice how ancient and refined the body’s wisdom is. 
  2. Allow the body’s innate wisdom to guide awareness to the heart. 
  3. From the heart, direct your love to the body’s most delicate intelligence. This is your connection to the Body Elemental. 
  4. Loving request that action which is in your highest and best interests.
  5. Quietly allow this feeling of loving reverence and support to expand beyond the space of the physical body.
  6. Feel the grace that you. Your pure potential is the blueprint of the body’s finest expression. 

The size of your healing space will be the size which best suits your needs in the moment. The Body Elemental resonates with your loving reverence and support. It stabilizes that feeling so that you can move on to focus on specifics.