Heart Chakra Anahata: the Fourth Chakra

Heart Chakra Anahata—the Fourth Chakra

The heart chakra Anahata is the fourth chakra. It is located in the center of the chest. The organ there is the thymus, the gland responsible for overseeing the immune system.

The energy of the heart is love, love that naturally flows and expands to nurture the creation around you. It is natural for it to expand and bless all those people you love in the world around you.


Healing for the heart

Because of some negative past experiences there can be fear in the heart. This may be memories of impressions of broken hearts and hurts, of mistreated from people we love, from feeling betrayal. The heart chakra Anahata has been through some heavy, heavy experiences.

We can overcome these negative impressions from some bad relationship by putting love and trust back into the relationship with our self. We do this by putting forgiveness back into the relationship with the self. This is the self-stabilizing nature of the heart.

Ultimately, it all focuses back to our own relationship with our self. If our relationship with our self is stabilized, if f I love myself, it doesn’t matter if someone else expresses that love toward me in the way that I want it expressed to me.

Pure forgiveness, forgiving ourselves, is self-strengthening.


Workshop and Healings:

1. Heart Chakra Healing for All the Earth

2. Chakra Workshop, 4rd Chakra (Anahata – Heart Chakra)

3. Free Energy Healing for the Heart


4. Healing for Auric Fields of the chakras and Integration of Being with Morphic Fields


  • Understanding structure of the auric field of a chakra.
  • Clearing for the outer layer of the auric field of all seven body chakras.
  • Integrating Being with morphic fields in order to support healthy order in the auric fields of the chakras.

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