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Heart Chakra (Anahata): the Fourth Chakra

Heart Chakra: Unconditional Love, Compassion, and Joy

The heart chakra Anahata is the fourth chakra. It is located in the center of the chest. The organ there is the thymus, the gland responsible for overseeing the immune system. The planet associated with this chakra is Venus.

The energy of the heart is love – a love that naturally flows and expands to nurture the creation around you. It is natural for it to expand and bless all those you love in the world around you.

Healing for the heart

Because of some negative past experiences there may be fear in the heart. There can be memories of impressions from hurts and broken hearts, mistreatment from people we love, or feelings of betrayal. The heart chakra Anahata has been through some heavy, heavy experiences.

We can overcome these negative impressions by putting love and trust back into our relationship with our self. We do this by putting forgiveness back into the relationship with our self. This is the self-stabilizing nature of the heart.

Ultimately, it all focuses back to our own relationship with our self. If our relationship with our self is stabilized (in other words, if we love ourselves) it doesn’t matter whether someone else expresses that love toward us in the way that we want.

Pure forgiveness, forgiving ourselves, is self-strengthening.

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Heart Chakra Healing for All the Earth

(Estimated viewing time 10:45 minutes)

Free Energy Healing for the Heart

(Estimated viewing time: 10:05 minutes)

Visit Dorothy’s YouTube Channel for more free energy healing videos


  • These healings are activated as you read or listen to them because energy healing takes place outside the constraints of space and time.
  • Even though Dorothy performs the healing at one point in time, anyone from that time forward can benefit from the healing.
  • Additionally, the healings become more powerful over time as more and more people participate.
  • Also, the same person, coming back more than once to the same healing, will receive ever-deepening layers of benefit from the healings.

Overview of Healing for Auric Fields of the Chakras and Integration of Being with Morphic Fields

  • Understanding structure of the auric field of a chakra.
  • Clearing for the outer layer of the auric field of all seven body chakras.
  • Integrating Being with morphic fields in order to support healthy order in the auric fields of the chakras.


Clearing a deep sadness. There is a feeling of something which is so, so sad, and also a feeling that nothing can be done. Hopelessness. This feeling of isolation from circumstances is located in the heart. It is a feeling which has been held in the family consciousness for many, many generations.

Looking at the structure of the auric field of the heart. In this area there is a form of self that enables the feeling of great sadness. And binds it with hopelessness. It is the outer skin of the auric field of the heart chakra, where the energy of your personal heart space meets the world. Here there are receptors and connectors which interface with the field of life around the body, and the body’s energetic filtration system. This system ranges from the causal through mental levels of the body, making it possible for us to live the reality of Totality, Oneness, along with the experience of being here now with all the specifics of the present moment. 

Perceiving the Auric Field Structure

I am seeing that these receptors and connectors are inefficiently organized, thus lessening your highest experience of grace, moment by moment. The positions of the receptors and connectors are malleable based upon personal interpretation of situations and circumstances. When an interpretation indicates “safety” then there is one basic form, for “danger” there is another form, and so forth. What is happening is that the number of receptors and connectors is pairing back, at least temporarily in order to create a baseline for the God presence to understand the details of what is happening. 


Clearing from the outer layers of the auric field of all seven body chakras, distractions, digressions, attachments, and especially morphic fields associated with objects around which attachments are made. These morphic fields can be very distracting because they are very interesting. The problem is that they have for centuries upon centuries been responsible for blocking the ability for conscious awareness to connect to Source. 

This is a very delicate process because these morphic fields are useful for the manifesting process. They are the very material out of which energy signatures are formed. Energy signatures are the seeds of manifestation, and therefore quite useful for those of us who are aiming to master the manifesting process. However, they are also a distraction from the very finest flop of the wave of conscious awareness into the field of Being. 


Asking the Mother of Creation if it is possible to integrate Being into the fine fabric of consciousness for everyone in this healing session. And in such a way as to support balance in all of the morphic fields of creation, so that our interaction with this area of Self/self becomes aligned with the highest good for ourselves as individuals and for the collective field of life. Definitely experiencing integration in a concrete way penetrating the finest level of manifestation. The quality of integration seems to be pulsing or rocking within the very finest fabrics of consciousness, bringing together individuality and Universality in such a way as to smooth and bless the being.

I am especially noticing the morphic fields which are particularly inculcated in our culture and have been for centuries. Examples are impressions associated with food and eating, family traditions and celebrations, religious ceremony, and behaviors that are cultivated over time and require wisdom and skill. Ever so many of them have to do with objects of value, relationships of value, and experiences which are considered priceless. 

It is all just coming back to Being. This is because Being can manifest as anything, including the seed components of all that human culture and society value. However in the end it is Being that determines what we value and what we reject. This is where we meet the healing for the auric field of the chakras. The God presence is receiving a download for increased discrimination in the auric fields based upon the level of integration of Being with the very delicate, very fine structures of consciousness which make up morphic fields and the most abstract level of the causal body. 

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