Joints: Self-loving Lays the Foundation for Joint Health

Joint Health—Self-love and a stable sense of self-worth lays the foundation for joint health

Joints provide connection between bones. They give support and assist in movement. If that movement becomes obstructed, painful joints may result.

Problems with joints indicates mental or emotional rigidity, stubbornness and inflexibility. Joints will be held rigidly when the muscles are constantly kept tense. As the rigidity continues over time, imbalances in the joints may begin to manifest as discomfort and pain.

These imbalances can become chronic when habits of self-defense hold them in place. A long habit of inner rigidity eventually compounds as joint pain.

Muscles can hold subtle tensions due to self-imposed stress or pressure. I say, “self-imposed,” because one always has the choice to interpret external experiences in the light of evolution or in the light of misery.

Any experience, no matter how happy or sad, can be appreciated for its evolutionary value or for its destructive value. This interpretation is a personal choice.


Judging others – or do we change our habits?

It is a rare individual who tries on purpose to be rigid, inflexible or stubborn. If you are reading this, it is likely that you are already very spiritual, open-minded and forward-thinking. Most nice people don’t spend a crumb of their intelligence on judgment. Deep down, everyone knows that judging others is a complete waste of time.

Deep down, our essential nature is Divine Being; we are all precious and loved beyond comprehension. However, living this reality of love is something which seems to be constantly unfolding.

Physical pain such as joint pain is the body’s way of asking the conscious mind to better align with cosmic evolution. Therefore, we may need to change behaviors which generally mean changing habits. Energy Work goes after habits which have had time to become so second nature that we hardly register them consciously.

For example, many of us have had the experience where someone does or says something hurtful which causes emotional pain to be felt. This can send one into a period of rehashing the experience and comparing one’s own kindly nature to the unkind nature of the other person. It is common to upgrade a sense of self-worth through such a comparison or judgement, forming a habit of doing so over time. However, this sense of self-worth comes with the price of thinking ill of another person, which lowers personal energy vibration.

As another example, In the case of camouflaged judgment, not overt judgment, treating oneself unkindly is projected into treating others unkindly (gossiping, focusing on their weaknesses, failings, faults), which in turn, can be camouflaged as “being concerned” about others. The judgment, camouflaged as concern, remains hidden from view. As such, it remains untreated. Unnoticed, it has a chance to compound, fester, and solidify into trouble eventually showing up physically in the form of an infirmity which we cannot ignore.


Attend to the cause of imbalances

Attending to the imbalance as a physical problem keeps the awareness on the surface of life, and even then the inner seed or cause of the illness can be missed, only to crop up later as a new symptom.

Energy healing focuses on the deeper aspect of the problem, by dealing with the cause of the problem rather than looking only at the symptom. Joint pain, or any physical discomfort can effectively be treated by changing habits which have solidified into behaviors which may have become self-destructive.

From my observations, I’ve come to the conclusion that painful situations indicate a need for more self-love and a stable sense of self-worth. Joints and sense of balance equal stability.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but responding to insults by self-loving lays the foundation for offering love back to the offender. This really takes the wind out of an aggressor’s sails. If one is genuinely self-loving, then the love offered to others is also appreciated as genuine.


Video and Healing

1. Joint Health

2. Offered below is a Healing for Joints:

  • Clearing low self assessment in the point before transformation occurrs.
  • Extending to ancestors.
  • Healing joints.
  • Download for ancestors to move toward Unity Consciousness.
  • Big clearing to increase connection between individuality and Totality.


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