Narayana: Vishnu—the Sustainer of the Universe


Narayana is another name for Vishnu in Vedic terminology. Vishnu is known as the sustainer of the universe.

Brahma, the creator, is depicted as sitting in the the navel of Narayana. Unexpressed Brahma is known as Unified Totality. Expressed Brahma is said simply to be Totality.

This expressed universe, the universe manifesting itself as Expressed Brahma, is explained in the Big Bang Theory. We can call this the big out.

But the universe rolls in cycles. In the other part of the cycle, the big in, Unexpressed Brahma, it completely collapses in upon itself. And then it begins the cycle once again. And it continues infinitely.

We’re in the big out period right now. That’s when individuality wakes up. In the big in period, there’s just one singularity, one Wholeness, or Unified Totality, completely collapsed in upon itself.


Our Soul Journey — From the Big Bang to Unity Once Again

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