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Na Ne Nu

Narayana: Vishnu—the Sustainer of the Universe

Tarantula Nebula
The central region of the Tarantula Nebula in the Large Magellanic Cloud.
Photo is courtesy of NASA and the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI).

Narayana is another name for Vishnu (the sustainer of the Universe) in Vedic terminology. Classical renditions of Narayana often depict Brahma, the creator, extending from his navel. (Creation emerges from pure Source, the supreme essence of all.)

Unexpressed Brahma is known as Unified Totality. Expressed Brahma is said simply to be Totality. This whole expressed Universe, the Universe manifesting itself as Expressed Brahma, is explained in The Big Bang Theory. We can call this the “big out”!

However, the Universe rolls in cycles. Conversely, the other side of the cycle (the “big in”—or Unexpressed Brahma), has creation completely collapsing in upon itself. And then the cycle begins all over, again, and continues infinitely. Narayana, as the the sustainer of the Universe, keeps the process going!

We’re in the “big out” period right now. That’s when individuality wakes up. (During the “big in” period, there’s just one singularity. In other words, the one Wholeness or Unified Totality has completely collapsed in upon itself.)


Our Soul Journey — From the Big Bang to Unity Once Again

(Estimated viewing time: 9:16 minutes)

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