Paradigm: Shifting Our Understanding of the Healing Process

Paradigm—A Pattern, A Way of Doing Something 

A paradigm is a pattern, a way of doing something. A new paradigm represents a shift in how we see and relate to and act upon our world.

New paradigms are always brought about by an expansion of consciousness. As we go through a process of growth in consciousness, the paradigm has to shift. We have to change our patterns, our ways of doing something. When the paradigm shifts, it turns the underlying structure—the belief system and administration of our world. 

With energy healing, I’m presenting a new paradigm that will allow you to gain access to your healing and manifesting abilities. We are creating a paradigm that will enable us to activate the body’s innate ability to heal itself. We start the ability to self-heal and to heal others as effortlessly as possible.

Shifting the Paradigm, Shifting Our Understanding of the Healing Process: Distance Energy Work 

What Happens During a Distance Energy Work session? 

The sessions always start with a prayer of gratitude. This prayer reminds me that I am not the healer. I am only the witness to the transformations. The presence of God in each person orchestrates the changes. They occur through activation of the body’s own innate healing mechanisms.

The group is often quite diverse concerning age, country of origin, and specific concerns. But each person receives precisely the work most pertinent to their situation. How? One’s intelligence is viewing, analyzing, and healing the concerns that align with one’s highest potential.

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. Our consciousness is intended to make this happen. Medicines we take and procedures we undergo set a condition for the body’s healing potential to manifest.

The medicine or procedure communicates a state of wellness to the body. When the body adopts this state of wellness, then physical conditions improve.

Self-Producing Medicines and Procedures Through Consciousness Alone

It is possible to self-produce medicines through consciousness alone. These the body accepts with even greater receptivity than externally administered treatments. The ability to self-create specific stimuli that activate healing is a standard tool of the energy healing process.

The other principle tool is attention. Human awareness has an energy frequency aligned with the Source of Creation, which is Pure Being. Imbalances by nature have a low-frequency vibration. Our attention engages with the energetic source of an imbalance. This creates a dynamic relationship between the light of attention and the darkness of the basis of the imbalance.

This dynamic interchange results in transformation. Attention uplifts and brings to wholeness the energy which was making the body feel ill. Attention uplifts the situation which was creating unhappiness or discord.

In the Distance Energy Work sessions, my attention adds to that of the participants. This offers a unique angle that helps provide perspective. It enhances the already natural process of restructuring life, aligning it with cosmic potential.

The reports on the healings offer my perspective. The reader can add that to their own experience. In this way, we expand our understanding and appreciation of the inner mechanics of healing.

Group Distance Energy Work Sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Group Distance Energy Work sessions are offered most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. DEW sessions are an economical option for those who would like immediate or ongoing healing attention for concerns. Distance Energy Work sessions are performed remotely. An email with the main points follows each day’s session. For more information, see

I devote at least an hour for each Distance Energy Work session. DEW sessions use some of the most potent healing technologies and concepts that I have yet discovered in the field of energy healing.

This is the new paradigm, a new way of looking at healing. One that will allow you to gain access to your healing and manifesting abilities. The new paradigm will allow you to activate your body’s innate ability to heal itself.

To everyone who has ever participated in this program, I offer sincere gratitude. It is their Divine Intelligence that is responsible for the beautiful, transformative healings in these sessions.