Prana: Vital Energy or Life Force

Prana is the vital energy or life force that permeates everything in the body and in the entire body of the universe.

As the life force energy, prana is found in fresh, whole, pure, organic foods such as fresh veggies and fruits. Pure, brightly colored foods that are alive radiate energy. High prana food gives us a dynamic, wholesome energy.

When that energy gets into our system, we feel good, we feel dynamic and energized. Our mood improves and we tend to feel good about ourselves. Not only we will feel good after eating high energy foods, our bodies and minds are better off in the long term as well.

High prana foods are fresh foods, whereas, low prana foods are highly processed or left-over from some previous meal. High energy food is prepared with love. On the other hand, low energy food is cooked with no thought to its life-giving, energetic value.

Paying attention to a dynamic energy diet makes good sense for anyone concerned with maintaining their mental and physical health.