Death: A Process of Adjustment

Death is a process of adjustment, both for the departing soul and for loved ones left behind. Since you have lived with your loved one’s physical form vibration in this world all your life, your challenge will be to adjust, to rebuild yourself from the subtlest levels to the physical level. And you make this … Read more

Dense Bodies: Four Layers of the Physiology

The Four Dense Bodies—Four Layers of the Physiology We normally think of our body as our physical body. But actually, every individual ranges from both the physical, most manifest level of the body all the way to the finest level of creation, the celestial level just at the edge of unmanifest. This range of expression … Read more

Devas: the Structuring Intelligence of Nature

Beautifu pink blossos represent the Devas, sparks of intelligence in Nature.

Devas—Structuring Intelligence of Nature Devas are sparks of intelligence in Nature. As such, they maintain the health and structure of all forms of life on the planet. All beings of creation originate from the silent field of Pure Being. In their various and diverse forms, some beings, such as humans, animals, plants, etc., manifest to … Read more