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Healing Back Pain

healing back pain

Self Healing Practice for the Back – Healing Back Pain Our backs are amazing! The back is the scaffolding upon which the whole body rides. Because of this role, there is a harmonious correlation between the complex system of the back and the astral body. Healing back pain can be facilitated energetically. Just as the … Read more

Healing Depression with Energy Healing

Overview – three main points: 1. Depression and suicide grow stronger in the presence of negativity. For this reason, direct attempts to destroy them don’t work. True change has to come from a deeper level. 2. Experiencing thoughts indicates that awareness is stationed in the active area of the mind. When the mind engages in … Read more

Healing for the Hips

light medicine

It is not surprising that an ever increasing number people need healing for the hips. We spend more time sitting at desks than our ancestors did. Sitting for long periods of time can be bad for one’s health, especially for the back and hips. (See healing back pain here.) If you are in an occupation … Read more

Healing Space – How to Activate

Healing Space

What is a Sacred Healing Space? The sacred healing space is a region of consciousness where healing is optimized. It is nested within the larger space of your pure potential – in other words, within the blueprint of who you really are and are becoming. The laws of Nature in this space support purification, integration, … Read more

Healing the Knees: Home Practice

This hand chakra energy technique provides a wonderful healing for the knees. Start by watching video below. It explains how to use your hand chakras to heal any part of the body. Healing with the Hands Video (Estimated viewing time: 10:36 minutes) For healing the knees, I use a sitting position with several pillows under … Read more