Pure Being: State of Pure Existence

Pure Being—State of Pure Existence

The Field of Pure Being is the field of pure unmanifest, unbounded, infinite silence, infinite pure awareness or consciousness. It is the deep, nourishing comfort of the silent foundation or Source of Creation.

As such, it is the source of all the beings of creation. Any being is going to originate at that source. Everything comes from the unmanifest Pure Field of Being.


Manifestation Process of Pure Being

When we look at the manifesting process in relation to Pure Being, we see the conscious mind cognize the desire and then release that desire into the Absolute, into the field of Pure Being. The physiology, the antenna of divine cognition, then receives the desire back in in a way which activates the brain to come up with the principles or ideas or decisions or thoughts which lead us to fulfill that particular desire.

Please see The Pineal Gland—Creating the Perfect State of Being for a deeper understanding of the cognition process that begins in the Crown Chakra, lights up Ajna Chakra, or the Third Eye, and finally results in a self-referral State of Being that activates the healing process.

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