Quantum Level: Restructuring the Physiology

DEW (Distance Energy Work) heals at the quantum level

Physics describes the quantum level as the smallest possible discrete unit of any physical property such as energy or matter. And we also know from physics that subtler levels of matter contain more energy, more power. Furthermore, stimulating change at the those levels creates a powerful effect on the surface level of life.

In energy healing, we look at the physical body in terms of physical dimensions. And ideally, we examine more than just the “surface” levels. For example, we look at the organs, tissues, cells, subcellular structures, molecules, atoms, and subatomic 1 and  2, etc. (Subatomic 1 and 2 is referred to as the quantum level.) DEW activates healing at this level because that is where the seeds of imbalance can usually be found. Rooting out seeds of imbalance not only brings the body back into greater harmony, it lessens the chance of the illness reoccurring again in the future.

Thus, with DEW healing, restructuring takes place in the physiology at that finest or quantum level.

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The Fundamentals of Energy Healing

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