Sacred Gardens of the Heart: Spaces in Subtle Realms of Creation

Sacred Gardens of the Heart—Subtle Spaces in Subtle Realms of Creation

In the area between the causal and collective bodies lie the Sacred Gardens of the Heart. Here, there is a natural sorting out of energies. Based upon collective intention, like or complimentary energies come together to create spaces in the subtle realms of creation. These special spaces serve specific purposes.

We know that different rooms in a house are designed for specific activities. So also the subtle spaces are dominated by laws of nature which support certain activities over others. These spaces range from a single form the size of the multiverse to tiny microscopic spaces.

In this area, in the Sacred Gardens of the Heart, realms for healing, wisdom, manifestation, ancestors and much more can be found. Therefore, when you engage in a particular activity, it can be helpful to first position yourself in one of these sacred spaces. Then the work is supported in the best possible way.

Sacred Spaces, Sacred Relationships

For our purposes, as humans, some of the most useful spaces are about the size of the rooms or our homes or our gardens. And for each of us, there is a sacred space for every significant relationship in our life.

For every love, there is a place, accessible through the heart, which is unique. If you think about the various loves in your life, you will notice how uniquely different each one is. It is the unique quality of a love which defines its space. It is a shared experience between the two people involved in the relationship.

When challenges arise among family members or loved ones, it is possible to access the space specific for those relationships and nourish those relationships from deep within.

Like a gardener clearing weeds, fertilizing the ground and tending the plants, appreciation, hope and most tender love nurture the particulars of a relationship. This alone can often be the very thing which a relationship needs most.

Once you feel intimate with the healthiest version of a relationship, the outward expression of this understanding naturally supports ideal communication and the flow of devotion.

Finally, always keep in mind that our sacred gardens of the heart is a sacred space for the relationship with ourselves. Of all the spaces, the relationship with oneself, as an expression of Divine creativity and intelligence, is the most important for the unfoldment of our full potential.

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