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Sacred Gardens of the Heart: Regions of the Causal Body

What are Sacred Gardens of the Heart? They are regions of the Causal Body that resonate with the light of Pure Being.

We know that different rooms in our residence were designed for specific activities. Likewise, spaces made of consciousness exist, that serve specific purposes. They give rise to the laws of nature that make the universe. Furthermore, these spaces range in size from a single form the size of the multiverse to tiny, microscopic spaces. The Sacred Gardens of the Heart resides within our Causal bodies. (See Subtle Bodies: The Abstract, Collective Levels of the Body)

In the Causal body, realms for healing, wisdom, manifestation, ancestors and much more can be found. Prioritizing and accessing these realms gives you access to the laws of Nature required for healthy interaction with the material world. This ensures that activity is supported in the best possible way.

Sacred Spaces, Sacred Relationships

For our purposes as humans, some of the most useful subtle spaces are about the size of the rooms or our homes or our gardens. In addition, for each of us exists a sacred space for every significant relationship in our life.

As an illustration, for every love, there is a unique place, accessible through the heart. If you think about the various loves in your life, you will notice how uniquely different each one is. It is this unique quality of love that defines its space. By the same token, these spaces of love are shared between any two or more people involved in a relationship. For instance, there can be spaces for families, or other groups.

When challenges arise among family members or loved ones, it is possible to access the space specifically for those relationships and nourish those relationships from deep within. How do we nourish those relationships from deep within? To illustrate, a gardener clears weeds, fertilizes the ground, and tends the plants, with appreciation. Like this, hope, compassion, and the most tender love nurture the particulars of a relationship.

Once you nurture the healthiest version of a relationship deep within your heart, the relationship will outwardly show improvement.

Of all the spaces, the relationship with oneself is the most important for the unfoldment of full potential. It is the cultivation of this one relationship that sets you up for optimal healing.

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