Svadhisthana, 2nd Chakra: Expansive, Creative Energy

Second Chakra, Svadhisthana—Expansive, Creative Energy

The second chakra, Svadhisthana, is located two inches beneath the navel, deep in the core of the torso. Svadhisthana is associated with sexuality and re-production. Its essential nature is expansive, creative energy.

However, elements that bind people, such as belief systems, for example, lie in Svadhisthana. A lot of belief system stuff can be lodged in and around the second chakra. Unfortunately, sexual taboos, guilt and shame and discordant feelings may get stuck around someone’s sexuality.

And Karma can be carried in that level of the body, and can serve as a blocking force. Fortunately, Karma can be cleared through energy healing.


Energy Healing for the 2nd Chakra

Energy healing of the second chakra creates the act of opening and closing, which alone is enough to upgrade the alignment of the energies in this chakra. Svadhisthana becomes more in tune with natural law, with cosmic evolution. As consciousness expands in this area, bliss expands.

With the attention on Svadhisthana and the attention expanding outward, feeling the expansion, we experience much more bliss, power, confidence, self-awareness and self-validation acknowledgement.

Then we turn it around and bring the attention inward again. As the energy returns inward, it comes quietly in an awake fashion. Complete in itself, coming into silence and to a point of perfect balance, to a point of reaching infinite balance. All blessings moving into the body. Sweet blessings.


Chakra Workshop, 2nd Chakra (Svadhisthana – Creativity)




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