Self-Love: How to Heal Your Own Relationship

Self-Love—How to Love Yourself–Exercise and Videos

The following three videos describe a simple effective exercise which will allow you to grow into the ability of self-love, the ability to love yourself. The ability to self-accept, self-validate, self-protect, understand, appreciate and forgive is at the basis of self-healing.

The ability to recognize one’s reality as Divine and recognize this truth in others as well is foundational to the process of liberation from pain, illness, poverty, loneliness, etc.

Here is the process:

1. Closing the eyes works best.

2. Feel awareness becoming quiet. Find the space in your heart where you feel the most intimately familiar with yourself. I call this the Inner Sanctum of the Self.

3. In this space imagine giving yourself a big, all accepting embrace. Feel your self to be both the lover and the beloved, both the hugger and the hugged.

4. Notice how wonderful this makes you feel. Notice that it warms the heart, it stirs the emotions of love and acceptance, it causes life nourishing neurochemicals to be produced in the body.

5. When you have done this for as long as you feel comfortable doing it, open the eyes. Notice that the warm, sweet feelings continue even after the exercise is complete.

This exercise need not take more than a couple of seconds. However, every time you do it the effects will last longer, and it will make you feel better. Ultimately, you will find that you don’t have to do this exercise at all in order to feel a deep undercurrent of self-acceptance and self-love all the time. May you be blessed, may you always feel safe with yourself, may you see the beauty in yourself that you see in others. The world is blessed by your presence.

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