Superconscious: Multidimensional Structure of Our Selves

The Superconscious is a multidimensional structure or organ

Its role is to support all forms of self-recognition, self-love, self-support and self-protection. It is multidimensionally present in our most subtle, celestial level, through to the most dense, physical level of the body.


In the four Dense Levels

In the physical level of expression, the superconscious manifests as everything we do to thoughtfully care for our bodies. Accordingly, this includes maintaining healthy diet, exercise and rest habits.

At the level of the etheric body, it expresses itself as a discriminating focus of attention. It focuses on those aspects of life which are uplifting, nourishing and pleasant.

In the mental body, a healthy superconscious activates thoughts or beliefs which are progressive in nature.

And finally, in the emotional body, stable emotions are maintained, authentic and aligned with the heart of the Mother of creation.


Healing the Superconscious

We see that when people have trouble loving themselves, it is likely that the superconscious needs healing. This organ naturally carries the value of Divine reality to the surface of expression because it resides at all levels of density of self. Just as declarations of love are articulations of Divinity, so the superconscious is a force of Divine revelation in the system of human experience.


A More In-depth Look at the Four Dense and Four Subtle Bodies

Although the superconscious is identified here in the four dense levels of the body, it also has a reality in the subtle levels of the body. For a more in-depth look at the Continuum of the Body, including the Astral, Casual, Innocent and Celestial Bodies, see Dorothy’s description of Energy Work as a Form of Transformational Healing.



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