Flow of Consciousness: Engaging the Power of Creation

Consciousness—Unmanifest Silent Wholeness becoming the Diverse Manifestation of Creation The Flow of Consciousness moves cyclically from the unmanifest ocean of silent wholeness to the infinitely diverse manifestation of the whole creation. The Source of Creation, Pure Being, is unmanifest, yet responsible for all that is. The manifest level of creation is a commentary on the … Read more

Fungal Infections: Recognizing Negative Energy Resonation

Dealing with Fungal Infections—Recognizing the energy signature of the fungus invader and disabling its negative energies Fungal infections, as with other Infections of various types, are connected to an inner experience of separation or incomplete integration between individuality and universality. The “invaders” are understood in terms of Self when the self-integration is total, that is, … Read more

Infections: Master Your Own Healing Process

Fighting Infections—Energy Healing to Empower You to Master your Own Healing Process Here is a little exercise to get rid of infections. No reason for them to stick around! The process of fighting infections works like this: When your body detects a cold virus, the good bacteria in your body take a sampling of the … Read more

Judgement: Energy Work—Embracing the Reality of Love

Judgement, Energy Work and Embracing the Reality of Love Most people don’t waste their time in judgement of others. Deep down, we all know that judging others is a complete waste of time. Deep down, our essential nature is Divine Being. We are all precious and loved beyond comprehension. However, living this reality of love … Read more

Process of Energy Healing: Attention for Balance and Optimal Health

The process of Energy Healing is the process of intelligently directing attention to a particular location in the body for the sake of promoting balance and optimal health. The nature of attention is that it is the portion of Divine Intelligence which can be directed with intention and the conscious mind. As such, attention has … Read more

Speech: Capturing the Spirit of Divine Intention

Using Speech to Capture the Spirit of Divine Intention On so many levels, speaking your truth consistently is a risk which ultimately grooms you to master verbal communication. Never underestimate the power of your ability to speak truth. You know a thousand people, and they know a thousand people and so forth. Any one of … Read more

The Immune System and Energy Healing

The Immune System and Energy Healing The immune system is fundamental to all the body systems involved in the healing process. Its health is basic to whole body health. When the immune system becomes ill, then all the other areas of the body are left vulnerable. The feelings in the heart are important. They are … Read more