Causal Body: Seat of Human Potential

Muti-colored blossoms---the blossomimg of consciousness

Your Causal Body, the Causal Realm Your causal body is as ageless and vast as the universe. Think of it as a great space of scintillating light, silently folding back into its Source, the field of Infinite Being.  There is so much potential in the causal field of Self. It configures itself in nearly endless … Read more

Infections: Master Your Own Healing Process

Fighting Infections—Energy Healing to Empower You to Master your Own Healing Process Here is a little exercise to get rid of infections. No reason for them to stick around! The process of fighting infections works like this: When your body detects a cold virus, the good bacteria in your body take a sampling of the … Read more

Karmic: Debts of Karma that Can Be Changed

3 pond lilies blossom like karma blossoms from our past actions.

‘Karmic’ refers to debts of karma—life situations that manifest as good or bad fortune as the result of past actions. Karma is taken on in association with a Karmic board, a collective of beautiful and powerful individuals who determine everyone’s karma. Everyone spends some time with that Board in choosing to take on certain karmas … Read more