Energy Work: Evolutionary Transformational Healing

Energy Work—A Form of Transformational Healing Energy Work is a form of transformational healing based upon the principle of intelligently directing attention to the origins of illness or concern with the intention to promote healing. We then allow naturally occurring evolutionary principles in the body to transform the seed of discomfort, and the source of the suffering … Read more

Light Medicine: Creating Healthy Energy Frequencies

Light Medicine—Changing unfavorable resonances or frequencies within your subtle energy fields into healthy energy frequencies to Enjoy Better Health! In energy healing we use light medicine, or consciousness, to establish wholeness in the body. This process is integrative. That means it allows the body to regain equilibrium by reestablished with its source, Divine Intelligence. Think … Read more

Physical Body: The Densest Layer of Expression

The Physical Body---the Most Dense of the Eight Layers of the Human Physiology

The Physical Body—The Densest of the Eight Layers of Expressed Divine Being  We normally think of our body as our physical body. But actually, every individual ranges from both the physical, most manifest level of the body all the way to the finest level of creation, the causal level just at the edge of unmanifest. … Read more

Subtle Bodies: The Abstract, Collective Levels of the Body

The Four Subtle Bodies The Subtle Bodies are the four most abstract levels of the body. These levels of the body are collective in nature, and exist outside the constraints of space and time.  The subtle bodies from subtle to dense are; Absolute Being folded into its own nature (Nirguna Brahm) Absolute Being awake within … Read more