Body Elemental: Intelligence Responsible for Physical Functions

Body Elemental—Energetic Healing Administrator The Body Elemental is like an angel. It is the collective of all body intelligence responsible for physical maintenance and upkeep. Its primary function is to link individual healing potential with cosmic healing potential. The body elemental oversees all of these intelligences. This helper of the body is present during gestation … Read more

Astral Body: Densest of the Four Subtle Levels of Manifest Self

The Astral Body—The Front Line of Energetic Protection The Astral Body is one of the subtle expressions of self. Just deeper than the astral body is the causal body. Deeper than the causal body is the field of unmanifest, qualitiless Being. The astral body is subtle enough that it is unbound by space and time. … Read more

Causal Body: Seat of Human Potential

Muti-colored blossoms---the blossomimg of consciousness

Your Causal Body, the Causal Realm Your causal body is as ageless and vast as the universe. Think of it as a great space of scintillating light, silently folding back into its Source, the field of Infinite Being.  There is so much potential in the causal field of Self. It configures itself in nearly endless … Read more