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Totality: Undifferentiated Wholeness of Consciousness

Totality—the Sum Total of all of Unmanifest and Manifest Creation

When we speak about Totality, we are referring to the ongoing, infinite process in which the unmanifest expresses itself into the relative. And it does so while retaining its undivided wholeness.

Part of that process includes the manifest creation returning to the unmanifest. But then the consciousness emerges back out of totality into the relative again. See Narayana. As it does so, it gives rise to a frequency, and that energy emerges in consciousness. As the consciousness continues to manifest, it continues to hold onto that energy. The flow of consciousness engages the power of creation.

And this is the role each of us are playing out. To clarify, the totality of undivided wholeness collapses into points. Then the points return to the pure potentiality, all the laws of nature, total fulfillment. In other words, the points (humans) wake up to their true nature as being Divine! The waves realize they are the ocean and the ocean fully enjoys the play of the waves.

So ultimately, the thrust of human existence is to unify, to be able to be in the human body and do the human thing. And, simultaneously, be completely unified with the totality of creation, the wholeness of creation, the God of Creation. It amounts to the great, huge, unbounded, infinite Being moving through the individual.

Here is another article on the Totality, expressed from a different angle: Brahman.

Videos on Totality:

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