Energy Work Lessons


Energy Work Lessons: Fundamentals

Course One of Energy Work Lessions: Fundamentals: Denser and Subtle Bodies, Healing Process Mechanics, Communication Channels, Imbalances, Healing Energies and Beings.

This is a short course in Energy Work Fundamentals. In this course we will explore what is underneath the physical realm and the mechanics of the healing process. We’ll also  look at communication channels, how imbalances impact your life, healing energies and beings. Also, you can watch any of these energy work lessons anytime your schedule allows, and you can come back as many times as you like.

And if at any time you want to learn more about energy healing, I offer Remote Healing and Personal Energy Healing Consultations.

I hope you enjoy the 7 video-lesson course on the Fundamentals of Energy Healing.


The Seven Lessons

Energy Work – Fundamentals  Lesson 1: The Four Denser Bodies

 Energy Work – Fundamentals  Lesson 2: Underneath the Physical

Energy Work – Fundamentals  Lesson 3: Mechanics of the Healing Process

Energy Work – Fundamentals  Lesson 4: Imbalances

Energy Work – Fundamentals  Lesson 5: Channels of Communication

Energy Work – Fundamentals  Lesson 6: Healing Energies

Energy Work – Fundamentals  Lesson 7: Beings

Energy work is based upon the principle of intelligently directing attention to the origins of illness or concern with the intention to promote healing. This allows naturally occurring evolutionary principles in the body to transform the seed of discomfort. The source of the suffering dissolves and is released from the system. The area which it occupied then naturally takes on the form of the original intention of health. This non-invasive process is easy to learn and practice and includes many side benefits.

Distance Energy Work (Remote Healing) Sessions

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