Origins of separation 1

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Date(s) - April 14, 2019
5:00 pm UTC - 6:15 pm UTC


Origins of separation 1

Organiser: Tomek Koziara


This was a continuation of our previous discussion about Ego and awakening. The emerging overarching idea, for me, seems to be about trying to look at the mechanics of accumulation of the collective discomfort correlated with the existence of environments where experiencing of fear and separation is predominant. Is there a correlated linear mechanism that we can describe? Or is there a mechanism that we can approximate linearly? How do we go from Oneness into individuality – and from individuality into separation – and from separation into Oneness and individuality juxtaposed – and back into separation and so on? What’s the underlying mechanism in terms of the orchestration of our subtle bodies? How does fear propagate in environments, where Oneness and individuality are experienced as our natural state? Etc. These are the type of questions that I am interested in, in this context.