Body Elemental: Intelligence Responsible for Physical Functions


Body Elemental—Structure of Collective Intelligences Responsible for Physical Functions

Body elemental is a structure which is a collective of all intelligences responsible for physical functions. This collective of intelligence forms a specific hierarchy in the body. This hierarchy extends from those intelligences which administrate subatomic functions to those which administrate the activity of the body systems. These body systems include the circulatory, digestive, endocrine and more.

The body elemental oversees all of these intelligences. This helper of the body joins the soul in utero and normally stays with that person throughout their lifetime.

Sometimes it may be necessary for the body elemental to be upgraded. This may occur if a particular soul makes tremendous spiritual progress in a particular life. Similarly, it could happen when someone drastically changes the course of their destiny by absolving more karma than expected.


Energy healing which the Body Elemental Requires

Energy healing can address any healing work or changes which the body elemental requires in order to support the continuing refinement of the body on a spiritual path. To support this healing, there is a natural reverence between the body elemental and the physical structure of the body. Moreover, the body elemental determines how receptive the body can be to its own healing work. Consequently, it can enhance the potency of light medicines by opening receptivity in tissues with gratitude.

Please take note, though, that this is not the same as integrating gratitude in the light medicines. It has to do with increasing innocence and true understanding at the same time. Light medicines are made in the causal body—one of the four subtle bodies.  However, the gratitude is stabilized by the body elemental in the four dense levels of self.

Energy healing is also very helpful for increasing internal communication and intimacy between the body elemental and the physical form.

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