Sacred Cord: Great Meridian–Crystal Cord, Silver Cord, Hora line

The Sacred Cord—a Channel, a Great Meridian which begins at the Crown of the Head, runs through the Body and into the Core of Earth.

The Sacred Cord has many names–crystal cord, silver cord, hora line. It is a channel, a great meridian which runs from the crown of the head through the body and into the core of Earth.

This cord performs several functions, such as being a receiver of information, a channel of transmission of information. Also, it serves as the eliminative structure of the energetic system.

Subtle imbalances are released into the cord and channeled back to Earth. Earth, being a great composter, simply breaks the imbalances into their constituent parts and essentially recycles them.

Wisdom from Divine Self comes into the crown via the sacred cord. Also, Cosmic wisdom or information come into the body through the sacred cord via the root chakra.

This great meridian manifests in the region of the body between the astral and etheric levels of manifestation.


In the following video, Dorothy delves into Spiritual Dowsing and explains how to use your own Cord of Light.