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Dorothy’s Distance Energy Work Blog

Click here for the Distance Energy Work Blog which has questions and detailed answers about energy healing work, as well as Dorothy’s reflections on various topics related to energy healing.

Past Issues of the Distance Energy Work Newsletter

Click here for the Past Issues of the Distance Energy Work Newsletter which is an archive of all the older issues of Dorothy’s newsletter.

TEDx Talk: Is there scientific proof we can heal ourselves?

Click here to view this amazing talk about the value of the “placebo effect” by Lissa Rankin, MD.

Harri Aalto: Artist of the Subtle Realms: His Story

Click here to view Harri’s amazing drawings of the Inner Landscape

The Journey Home: Inspiring Passages From Near-Death Experiences to Comfort the Dying

Here is a wonderful, inspiring book for everyone, no matter what their health situation, available on Amazon by Michael A Quinn.

Magnesium Bath Crystals

Here is a source for Magnesium Bath Crystals, which, when used occasionally, are a wonderful way to get a good night’s sleep

Sun Gazing Information

Click here for a short YouTube video by Christpher J Smith about Sun Gazing, which is practiced carefully, just after sunrise or just before sunset, for a very short period of time, slowly increasing each day in duration, can have beneficial effects for the physiology.

Prostate Massage

Men: click here for information about prostate massage and how this practice can improve your health.


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