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My name is Dorothy Rowe. As a child, I had experiences that led me to believe that I would become a healer as an adult. I was clairvoyant and had refined perception at that time, as do many children. My world included humans and many beings which resided at finer levels of creation too. These finer beings often acted as advisors, teachers and protectors throughout my life.

Around puberty, it was suggested by an advisor that I should go into the healing field. I rejected this suggestion due to my limited understanding of healing from a western medical standpoint. In a state of rebellion, I began losing my connection with the finer realms of creation.

As a teenager, I was introduced to meditation with my family. Practicing meditation opened the pathways of perception. I became quite curious about the nature of my mind and spirit. Shortly out of high school I moved to Fairfield, Iowa, to a university whose mission includes the promotion of world peace. I saw this work of creating world peace through the collective practice of meditation as a good compromise to the instruction to heal people. For three decades, this was enough to satisfy my evolutionary path.

After raising a family and establishing a career as a music teacher for children in the meditating community, my father fell ill and died in 2007. My spiritual teacher died a few months later, and a big shift occurred. It was time for me to begin working directly to help others with their health, but I didn’t realize it. My life came to a crisis where simply working harder was not enough to fix the problems I was facing. So I met the situation by working even harder. After several years of pushing myself far past the point of comfort, I had a physical collapse. I had to quit my job and just take care of me. Not a surprise, western medicine failed to help.

During the “taking care of me” period, I had one of those experiences that it spurred a major internal shift.

One day I was walking through the mall with my family and feeling very delicate, vulnerable and physically uncomfortable as I had for some time. Within the space of about 5 seconds, several experiences unfolded sequentially.

  • First I noticed a sound superimposed over the sound of human voices. It sounded like whispering, but I quickly realized that it was the sound of the thoughts of those around me, and amazingly, I could tell which thought was coming from which person.

  • A deep abiding sense of peace and comfort came over me. This was the best I had felt in months, maybe years.

  • I noticed that when I looked at someone, not only could I tell what they were thinking, but I could tell how they were feeling.

  • I started to see multidimensional beams of light everywhere, like a grid or web. These filaments of light were related to the thoughts and feelings of the people, as well as other things.

  • I could see inside people’s bodies, and I saw their illnesses, strengths, what they had for lunch, etc. I could see microscopically inside of them.

  • I could see everything through time, ancestors, past lives and so forth.

  • I saw many other things without description.

Although this experience sounds complicated, it actually felt very, very simple. I turned to my husband and mentioned that the mall seemed utterly transformed and did he see it? He looked at me curiously and said the mall looked the same as always to him. My experience only lasted about 10 -15 minutes then gently faded away. The feeling of peace remained.

It came again a couple of months later, lasting longer….and continued to come on and off from that time forward. I kept this experience very quiet, because I still didn’t want to be laughed at or get into trouble.

Meanwhile, I was still struggling with my health. I was referred to a energy healer who was visiting Iowa at the time. He gave three public lectures which I attended. It was wonderfully validating to realize that he saw what I saw. What is more, he used his vision to help people heal. I was able to see that he had Divine helpers with him and watched with amazement as they moved through the audience, working on everyone, using their ability to look within individuals to find the “dark” places and fill them with light. They were fast and efficient. They made it look easy. He had organized a language around the experiences that I was having, which really helped me to sort out the details of my perceptions.

My health really improved after that. I stopped having to go to daily doctor appointments, but I still had unresolved issues.

A monk, who had been my friend since I was 20, said that he didn’t see subtle dimensions, but knew all about energy healing and could help me in my journey. So, we began meeting regularly. Most of my lexicon and the bulk of my healing occurred during this period. I owe a tremendous debt to my dear friend Nick.

For about 4 years, we quietly kept this secret within the family. Then came a point where I was called to help others beyond the family. So, I just started meeting anyone who came to be healed. I was astounded that with each meeting, miracle after miracle occurred before me. I was meeting people, but all kinds of beings came for healing—animals, angels and many others. Such beautiful results came from this work, which didn’t even feel like work. It just was an endless act of surrender to God, who acts within each person to affect the precise change that they need to feel whole again.

There seems to be no end to the growth of brilliance of this healing modality. It is constantly evolving. Every week now, new and wonderful enhancements come. More knowledge floods in all the time. The more I serve, the more profound the process becomes.

I owe all the credit for this to God and to the manifestations, forms and expressions of the great Mother/Father/Creator. There is nothing else that exists but That.

Love and gratitude,