The Purpose of Energy Healing – Getting to the Point

The purpose of energy healing is not to make a person into the Source of Creation. Rather the purpose is to provide a foundation for tangible fulfillment on all levels of life. Union of individual and Divine nature is a facet of this process, but is pointless if attained at the expense of individual personality, identity, or desire.

The point is to layer Divine intention with individual passion in such a way as to allow both Divinity and individuality to resolve into each other.

For example, imagine the process of creating a great work of art. The forces of nature spend eons creating a deposit of marble. The marble itself is the handy work of the Divine. It is complete, needing nothing but existence to be an expression of Divine beauty. However, it can’t enter the museum as a finished piece without undergoing a relationship with the artist. It is only after the perfectly formed, natural marble has been touched by the creativity and technique of the artist, that is it elevated to a status universally recognized as art.

Once a sculpture is complete, there is no desire to return to the spot in the mountain where it was formed. The appropriate move is to a place of public or private display.

We can think of ourselves as a works of Universal art. Originating in the Source of Creation we are made of Divine Being. However, without the presence of personality, ego, and individuality, the story of life remains abstract and its full potential is unrealized.

The point of human life and the fulfillment of Divine intention is located in the present moment. We do not aim to become formless, nothingness, Pure Being only. The point is to live the eternal beauty of Pure Being as genuine, authentic, and intimate personal expression.

Without the marble and the hand of the artist, the artwork does not exist. The marriage of the efforts of Nature and nurture builds sufficient layers of creative expression to elevate the abandoned shells of innumerable ancient sea creatures, the origin of marble, to the status of a priceless art work.

One’s life work involves bringing individual passion, intelligence, and creativity to bear on the reality of Divine Being as One’s life work. The cycle of the Divine dialogue is consciousness folding in on itself in order to create endless fulfillment, and resolution in the details of individual reality. Individual reality is the point of life, and the reason why Being becomes multiplicity.

It is often not safe to express individuality. In our world, the process of individual expression is fraught with danger. The environment is ever ready to magnify and reflect every little flaw. Thus revealing where we have made a mistake and fallen short of our potential. If we reflect on these experiences, adjusting interaction with the world at each turn, refining action, beliefs and habits, then, in time, the rough edges dissolve, the aspects of our individuality which do not serve our true needs, desires, and ideals will be replaced with renewed self definitions which are useful, satisfying, and precious.

It is by accepting and working with individual characteristics and qualities that a vessel capable of containing the Infinite is forged. Thus we bind the boundless.

Living a life of fear of self-expression and self imposed repression, is like being a vein of marble still buried deep within the mountain. This also is not safe. It is not evolutionary and at the end of the day leaves one bitter.

So engage individuality in life with passion. Consistently use every incomplete experience to revisit your approach to reality. With each adjustment in beliefs, habits and self-definition you will be moving toward that state of inner balance where your life is a precious expression of Divine intention, and the power of the Divine ever fuels your every intention.