Remote Energy Healing

Remote Energy Healing Group Sessions

This is our budget-friendly option and perfect for those desiring immediate attention. Enjoy short, ongoing doses of energy healing through consciousness. No prior experience is necessary.

More about these group Distance Energy Healing Group Sessions:

  • In a remote energy healing session, we do not talk on the phone or Skype with one another while the session is happening. Divine Intelligence directly addresses your concerns while I quietly witness.
  • I hold energy healing sessions three times a week. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 11 am US Central Time, except for the following days: February 24 and 26, March 19 and 22, and April 5, 7, and 9.
  • Sessions begin a few days after I receive your request and continue until the series is completed unless you request otherwise.
  • Each person receives attention and transformation from the Source of Creation as manifested through their own internal healing potential.
  • Specific concerns can be directly addressed. Please list concerns in the form below. Please email if you need more space.

What happens during these remote healing sessions:

  • One may feel the movement of subtle energies during and after the remote energy healing session. Please feel free to find a quiet place to close your eyes and rest during the sessions. If sitting quietly is not convenient, that is fine too. Being busy during the healing session will not detract from its effectiveness. A state of inner quietness may be charming. Also, if you sit quietly, you will increase the chances of perceiving the subtleties of the process.
  • Your own Divine Intelligence orchestrates profound work at every level of the body. You may have concrete improvement in DNA, past lives, chakras, environment, relationships, and much more.
  • In the days following each session, I review and expand upon the healing work and then send an email report with an audio recording within 2 to 5 days after the session to all participants.
  • Unfortunately, due to the number of individuals involved in each daily group session, it is not practical for me to give individual feedback.

Schedule and Cost of Distance Energy Work Sessions

I conduct a series of remote energy healing sessions each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until completed. If you prefer sessions scheduled otherwise, please let me know. A series of sessions may be split between more than one person. For example, two people could split a series of ten sessions for five sessions each.

  • 5 Distance Energy Healing Group Sessions: $60
  • 10 Distance Energy Healing Group Sessions: $100
  • 20 Distance Energy Healing Group Sessions: $180
  • 30 Distance Energy Healing Group Sessions: $240
  • 40 Distance Energy Healing Group Sessions: $290

Total Access Packages: Enjoy Dorothy’s webinars and distance energy work sessions without interruption

For those who would like to participate continuously in both Dorothy’s energy healing webinars and distance energy work sessions, we offer three Total Access Packages:

  • 3-Month Total Access Package: 3 months of webinars and 3 months of Distance Energy Work sessions, a $420 Value for $290 or
  • 6-Month Total Access Package: 6 months of webinars and 6 months of Distance Energy Work sessions, a $840 Value for $560.
  • One-year Total Access Package: 12 months of webinars and 12 months of Distance Energy Work sessions, a $1680 Value for $1080.

Orientation to Remote Healing Sessions

How do I know who I am helping?:

The healing is coming from a level of everyone’s highest potential— that all encompassing, infinite, unbounded level of one’s connection to their very existence. One does not have to travel to find That. It is already fully present with everyone. I use my intuition to ‘feel’ the presence of each person. Gently, I go through my list and put attention on each person as an individual and everyone as a collective at the same time. Due to almost five decades of meditation, my access to Source is very smooth. So, my awareness acts as a bridge for everyone in the group. However, there is more than that. Once the bridge is formed, then you don’t need me anymore. I am only a temporary bridge until each person can access the infinite resource of their own Divine Being independently. 

What Happens During a Group Remote Healing Session?

I start each session with a prayer of gratitude. This reminds me that I am not the healer. I am only the witness to the transformations which are orchestrated by the presence of God in each person. These healings occur through an activation of the body’s own healing mechanisms. The group is often quite diverse with regard to age, country, and specific concerns. But each person receives precisely the work most useful to their situation.

In a remote healing, the light of Pure Awareness illuminates the areas where transformation is required. Each person is getting, from their own genuine connection to Source, precisely what they require. My job as making sure that the connection to Source is clear and lively for everyone in the healing session. Lol, I am the house cleaner! ….and also the reporter.

Are the written and audio reports specific for each individual or general for the group?

The reports are for the entire group receiving healing that day. There are lots of people in the healing sessions and it is not appropriate for me to single anyone out. However, we as a collective are having many common experiences—planetary, environmental, and society’s influences. The reports help everyone in the sessions maintain balance in the light of the many influences and pressures which we all experience in the course of living.

Here is an example of an audio report from one of Dorothy’s recent distance energy work sessions.