Residential Energetic Clearing

Energetic Clearing of Home or Apartment, other Location:  $350

An energetic clearing of a residence is customized for each person or family and includes the following:

  • A Residential Energetic Clearing is uniquely crafted and specific for your location. The energy healing consists of an initial session of about an hour. This followed by two weeks of additional work at various times of day and night. Night work is done particularly to address illusory influences which are stronger in darkness. The surrounding neighborhood will also receive attention.
  • The energy field of the home or apartment is examined in detail. This survey includes the land and surrounding area, as well as the structure of the physical building. It also includes the history of the building and the history of the land.
  • Additionally, various light matrices are adjusted and activated for the whole neighborhood, the home or apartment building itself. If the residence is an apartment, a third light matrix is activated for the individual apartment itself, then for each room in the home.
  • These light matrices are tied into the grid-like system of Earth energies, which run throughout all cities and countryside, principally underground. This stabilizes the presence and effectiveness of the light matrices. It also aligns the energies in your personal space with the evolutionary progress of the whole environment.
  • In this Distance Energy Work series of sessions, we do not talk on the phone or Skype, although I encourage feedback.
  • Adjustments are made as necessary during the two weeks to ensure maximum effectiveness. Please use this form to give me feedback during the two-week session and after the session concludes.
  • You will also receive a complimentary Mp3 which can be downloaded and played at any time of day or night. This will support continued stabilization of the highest energy frequencies for your home.
  • The effects of this work are permanent, as they go back to the very beginnings of the history of your location.
  • An Energetic Clearing is scheduled within a week of the request.
  • Costs for clearings of businesses and larger properties available upon request.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to support the increase of happiness, harmony and productivity of your living environment and that of your neighbors with a Residential Energetic Clearing. Our whole society and world benefits from each of these healings, as more and more imbalances are cleared from our homes and surroundings.

Dorothy Rowe
Love and gratitude, Dorothy