Healings for Detroit: The City and the River

First Healing – Detroit River and Belle Isle 

From a desire to provide energy healing support in places which can use it most, we traveled to the economically depressed city of Detroit, Michigan. Although the energy healing went on all afternoon and through the night, we recorded three segments for the people of this area who are suffering from poverty and depression.

The first healing session was filmed at the Detroit River, a source of affluence, abundance, happiness, and well being. The river is a vast source of exquisite love and charity. Somehow the flow of well being from the river is not reaching most of the nearby city.

To conduct this first healing, we visited Belle Isle, a city park of Detroit, which is in the middle of the Detroit River and connected by bridge to city neighborhoods. Belle Isle is an oasis of greenery in this majestic, wide river which flows only 24 miles from Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie.I was expecting to do a healing for the soul of the river, but found that there was no actual problem with the river itself. The Detroit River is like a milk-giving cow, just nourishing without end. Belle Isle itself got a healing as we were leaving the area though. The island is a kind of heart-centered energy node for the area.


Second Healing – Mack Avenue in Detroit 

From Belle Isle we drove through very wealthy neighborhoods nourished by the abundance of the river to Mack Avenue, where a readily apparent energy barrier prevented the wealth of life-supporting energy from the river from reaching the poor areas of Detroit. The contrast between the extremely wealthy neighborhoods on one side of Mack Avenue and extremely impoverished neighborhoods on the other was absolutely astounding. The feeling of the energy shift over Mack Avenue was palpable.

The energy barrier at Mack Avenue, a construct of fearful hearts over five generations, was intense and went deep into the earth. The energetic barrier was creating an unhealthy pressure for those living on the wealthy side and a blockage to abundance for those living on the poorer side. I conducted a healing to first to identify the exact nature of the blockage and then to dissolve it with energy work. At the point when the healing came full circle a butterfly encircled me, a validation from nature that this healing work was on the right track.

Third Healing – Detroit School System 

The third healing was filmed at an abandoned school yard deep within the depressed area of Detroit. Our hearts were breaking to see sweet families with little children living in burned out shells of homes.

This session aimed at opening the flow of collective life force to heal the children, their families, the school system, and the community, local and national: all parties affected by the challenges facing the Detroit School System, represented by this abandoned school.

The key to the effectiveness of this session is the awakening of an integrative function in the celestial body which brings together the ability to feel deeply into painful situations while maintaining a stable connection to the Source of Creation, thus perpetuating and accelerating the evolutionary flow of love, which it self becomes the vehicle for healing. By watching this video you are participating in the healing process.

Just a little later in the day, the rains came, which is yet another validation that the healing was successful.

In the night, much more work took place, including organizing an energy matrix which stretches for miles with nodes representing various aspects of Nature’s intelligence. The role of this matrix is to act like a magnet for the fullness which radiates from the river, attracting that fullness into the areas which have long been starving for light and love. The matrix is many times larger and more powerful than the original dark barrier at Mack Avenue which was blocking the flow of fullness from the river.

Opening the flow released a lot of frustration and anger. The constraints upon the flow of fullness have been responsible for so much of the anger which resulted in destruction of homes and businesses in this area. In the night, anger was the main energy cleared. I didn’t mention anger much in the videos because at the time of the healings this massive block was covered by illusion. So clearing the illusion had to come first.

Love and gratitude,