Lesson Two Writing Assignment

Writing Assignment: Lesson 2 Please aim for complete but succinct answers. You are not obliged to answer every question. Thank you so much. 1. What is the job of the body’s devatas? 2. Can you put your attention on the devatas? If yes, please describe them in your own words. 3. Please share any experience … Read more

Lesson Two Exercise

Exercise for Lesson 2: Feeling the Etheric Body As described in the video for this lesson. This exercise is presented in 3 parts: Easy, Medium, and Challenging. Please feel free to do as many of these parts as feels appropriate for you. Best results come from practicing in an easy manner. If you feel any … Read more

Lesson Two Readings

Lesson 2: Reading Assignment The Body’s Devatas Description and function: Devatas are the intelligences in the body responsible for growing, maintaining, and healing. They are abstract forms that act upon the material structure. They are part of you. This part is oriented toward the abstract, whereas the intelligence that we use for life situations is … Read more

Lesson One Recordings of Zoom Meetings on November 3 and 4

Reviewing these videos will enhance the effectiveness of the workshop lesson. For the privacy of workshop participants, these recordings are available only in this password-protected section of our website and the downloading option for these videos has been disabled. The recordings will be removed from our website after the workshop at the end of March … Read more

General Information About This Course

A Practical Guide to Using Your Awareness to Heal Offered by Dorothy Rowe, Intuitive Consultant November 2021 to March 2022 This course provides a wonderful context for actively expanding your healing abilities through practice and feedback. The orientation of this program is experiential.  Live one-hour video lessons will be taught every other Wednesday at 7:30 … Read more

Lesson One Writing Assignment

Please help me understand how well you are learning the material by answering these questions: 1. Please share what you hope to gain from this course (no more than 300 words): 2. What are the 5 basic tools of energy healing? 3. Do you have any experiences you would like to share regarding the exercise … Read more

Lesson One Exercise

Creating a Sacred Healing Space Almost all of the exercises I offer are effectively performed when falling asleep at night or waking in the morning. These are times when awareness transitions between the 3 fundamental states of consciousness: waking, dreaming, and sleeping. In the gap between these states, awareness becomes very subtle, powerful, and expanded. … Read more