Latest Developments in the Web of Life

Latest Developments in the Web of Life


At the astral level of creation is a field of light which connects all things. Although it has many names, I call this the Web of Life. The Web of Life is structured like a fractal. Its orderly structure is present from infinitesimally small to as big as the whole universe. This grid of beams of consciousness resides within all bodies as meridians and nadis, as well as throughout all of space.

These beams, or threads of consciousness radiate from the chakras and interact with the rest of creation. So, when you have an intention, such as, “Go to the store,” there will be a thread of consciousness, representing that intention, which precedes you to the store. This thread of consciousness paves the path of your journey from home to store. Any feeling you may have will flow on a thread of consciousness and find its mark.

The points where the threads of consciousness cross are energetic nodes. These nodes carry more concentrated values of energy. Within each node is a natural interaction of all the laws of Nature. One could say that the whole creation is present in every node. The forces of creation and destruction are churning in each node of the Web of Life. This churning provides the energy upon which all the worlds are manifested.

One of the reasons I emphasize balance as a point of power in the energy healing process is due to the dynamic nature of the Web of Life. When consciousness is balanced and awareness is holding fast to the point which unites the destructive and creative forces of creation, then Divine intention manifests without hindrance. Then the entire field of creation is glorified by the very existence of Self, synchronicity takes over experience, evolutionary transformation is ensured, and every particle of what we know to be this reality is drenched with the light of knowingness, Divine Love, Being.

The Web of Life is itself a living, sentient, expression of Divinity. It is the Self, everyone’s self.

Web of Life

Every thread of the Web of Life is a stroke of memory in the Akashic record.

Over the course of decades, I have seen changes take place in this universal Web of Life. Of course, everything in creation is evolving, therefore changing. However, the Web of Life tends to remain fairly stable due to its eternal and abstract nature.

In the last week I witnessed an unusual shift in the Web, just in our area of the galaxy. Sharing this perception with you helps me sort out the details. So thank you for reading. The nodes of the Web took on a new expression. They are now brighter, lit up with a inconsistent light. The roundness of the nodes is more evident with this light. The light itself seems to be in the form of shards, like shards of a broken mirror. The whole Web of Life reminds me of the way a reflective surface, such as the surface of the ocean reflects and refracts light from the sun. My experience is that the nodes are refracting light more now. I am honestly not sure if this is a new phenomenon, or if I am seeing detail where before I had missed it. In either case, the light is showing levels of chaos in the nodes which were not previously noticeable to me.

Ultimately, I see this refractive light as a good thing. However, the light is showing that something can be better balanced in the nodes. Because the light is

illuminating a potential for growth, this is creating a subtle underlying tension in the entire field of life. I have been noticing more roughness bubbling up to the surface in the last few days since I saw this new state of the Web. It feels like an underlying uneasiness that something is happening outside the range of the news reports, which is involving a lot of suffering. It has been just outside my range of perception, but bothering me.

With the highest intentions for all, people everywhere have been pouring their blessings, energy healings, good intentions, and more into the Web of Life. We have all been supporting, nurturing, and uplifting the Web for years. It occurres to me that what I am seeing is the layering up of all of this loving intention as it settles into the nodes of the Web. Because we, as light workers, energy healers, Earth guardians, etc. are not so well coordinated in our efforts, our work is piling up, over lapping, leaving gaps and in general not spreading out in a systemic way through the Web of Life, but rather pouring into it haphazardly.

It is my opinion that this illumination of the details in the Web’s nodes is making itself known as a call to all who cherish life and who care to work with the Web of Life. We are being encouraged to organize ourselves, or at least organize our efforts to support maximum efficiency, greater order, and with that, greater success for the benefit of humanity and the Earth. I am offering the intention for all of us to work with greater clarity, orderliness, and harmony, to the Source of Creation. May our work be blessed by the Mother of Creation. May we work synchronously. May every stroke of positive intention reach its mark with grace, and may our world become a beacon of spiritual inspiration for ever and ever.

With love and gratitude,