Recordings of Past Webinars and YouTube Livestreams

Please see my YouTube channel for dozens of excerpts from healing webinars arranged by topic as well as many full-length webinars.

Please visit my Vimeo channel for many other past webinars which are available as $1.99 rentals.

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Below are several full recordings of past healing webinars for free.

Love and gratitude.



Energy Healing Manifestation Workshop: January 2017

Mechanics of Manifestation: August 2016


Healing for the Political Process in America: July 2016

Healings for a Sustainable World: May 2016


Living Your Passion for Success: March 2016

Ideal Weight Management Webinar: January 2016

Healing for Humanity:  January 2016

Manifesting Ideal Weight Webinar: October 2015

Healing Mother Earth by Healing Ourselves, Session One: October 2015


Healing Mother Earth by Healing Ourselves, Session Two: October 2015

Summer Solstice Webinar: June 2015